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    :eek: I'm so scared :nerv2: and happy for him at the same time:ack:..I know he can't wait to be more independant! I know I need to let him grow up... I'm so afraid he will get into a accident and die :weeping: It's hard to let go of my babies....
  2. Preparedness and Survival
    I like the simple outlines and to-do tasks at Food Storage Made Easy | Your Home for Food Storage and this week they are having a 7-day challenge. Each day is a different 'emergency' to get a wide range of experiences. I think about what I would do, practice as much of the challenge as...
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    Just testing something
  4. Military Families
    Dh failed his PT test today :( He passed the run, situps and pushups. He failed because his inch was 1/2 inch over. Just because of that 1/2 inch, he failed the entire test :( I'm so worried now. This is the 3rd PT test he's failed in the past two years (failed because of waist...
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    The Marshmallow Test | Igniter Media For your viewing pleasure. :D
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    These are funny... although some of them have to be made up. (I don't think they represent the typical American 16 year old, either.) > The following questions were in last year's GED examination > These are genuine answers (from 16 year olds)... > > Q. Name the four seasons. > A. Salt, pepper...
  7. Financial hardship
    We haven't decided on bankruptcy, but we're doing all of our research on every angle possible, so we're filling out all the "homework" paperwork given to us by the lawyer and I also tried to do a "Means Test" online, which left us totally confused. The test required me to indicate mine and my...
  8. Kitchen Basics
    They now have their very own radio show that you can listen to on the radio, at this web site or you can download the mp3. It's entertaining & informative. Give it a try.:) Click radio show then if you want to listen to it online (like I did) just give it a min. to fully load & you'll see the...
  9. General Chat
    Folks, I'm so happy and excited, I just had to post about this - I finally passed my driving test about two hours ago! It was my fourth attempt thanks my uncontrollable nerves :rolleyes: The cost was seriously mounting up; I've been paying for lessons for almost a year, it is £175 each time to...
  10. General Chat
    Over the past few days we've gotten some hints that we have a problem with our electical system at home. Our dining room chandelier is buzzing when it is on, there is an electrical smell in the bathroom and our hardwired fire alarm went off last night. We live on a farm, our house is over 200...
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    can you delete posts?
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    Do the test and tell me how aware you really are...BTW, I failed. :(
  13. Homesteading and gardening
    11 September 2010 Yukon Gold Test Box Potatoes 11 September 2010 Yukon Gold Test Box Potatoes Yukon Gold Potatoes were harvested today. A total weight of 23.5 pounds was harvested from the 4 by 4 foot test area. The quality is excellent. Another plant could probably be placed in the center of...
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    Take the Ultra-Lift 2 Week Wrinkle Challenge
  15. Support
    I have clinical benign ms. Its a very slow moving ms. Which is good ...The doc wants me to have a sleep study and eeg of the brain.I know i have apnea and snore..Wants me back on antdepressents. I need to lose weight, well duh i know that so don't put me on meds to make me gain over 18 months i...
  16. Careers
    I went to a job fair this morning, interviewed & was asked to take this test. There were some tricky ethical type questions on it. Hope I "passed" and get the job. I'll hear within 3 weeks... cross your fingers for me! First outside the home job in over 25 years, lol.
  17. Baking Breads
    For anyone who is interested in how much it costs to bake a loaf of bread in a Zojirushi X-20 Bread Machine... I made a loaf of bread in my bread machine today, with the Watt-A-Meter attached, so I could tell someone on another message board how much it cost to make AND bake a loaf of bread in...
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    just testing
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    Just a test post for facebook connect.
  20. Freebies
    Select any combination of FREE OPKs and pregnancy tests. Tell us where you would like us to send your 10 FREE OPKs and pregnancy tests. Q. Is this really free? A. Yes, 100% free. We only ask that you limit 10 per household as supplies are limited. Q. Can I select 8 OPKs and 2 pregnancy...