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  1. Freebies
    Postcard Place Cards - Thanksgiving placecards from antique postcards Oh Happy Dance :fdance:
  2. General Chat
    Found this on today: The Rising Cost of Thanksgiving (Infographic) | Turkey & Stuffing | Food Prices Soar | LiveScience Hadn't seen it here, thought folks might be interested... Judi
  3. Holiday cooking
    Thanksgiving Sweet Potato Bake Recipe DescriptionSuch a 'sweet' sweet potato bake, my DH calls it a dessert! Preparation Steps:In mixer, or mixing bowl, mash the sw. potatoes, and add the butter, brown sugar, milk, sherry, and salt, mix well. Pour into greased baking dish. Bake...
  4. General Chat
    The holiday creep might be hear to stay at least according to this article. "Earlier than ever store openings and steep discounts helped retailers notch record sales this Black Friday weekend, according to early reports." "I would say that means we will have to be on the look-out for a new...
  5. Meal planning
    How creative are you getting this year? Is it soup and pot pie, or are you trying something new? I think we may have sweet potato fritters with dinner tomorrow.
  6. Thanksgiving
    To all those celebrating Thanksgiving, I just want to say - I am very thankful for the friendship and support that I receive here. Have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving! (((HUGS))))
  7. Thanksgiving
    tomorrow I am gonna start my baking and put into a cold room. I am going to bake cornbread, 2 quiet hour cakes, Paige wants a red velvet cake so, 4 pumpkin pies and make a toulboi salad. Wednesday potato salad, slaw, sweet potato casserole, cornbread dressing, broccoli bread and cranberry...
  8. Thanksgiving
    Strangely enough, it helps me to relax reading about other people's mishaps during the holiday. I think I'm thankful we don't have a lot of drama in our family. What's the worst you've been through on Thanksgiving?
  9. Kitchen Basics
    I am looking for a cranberry relish recipe. I bought the jellied cranberry sauce without the whole cranberries and have decided to dress it up a bit. Here's the problem: I do not have a recipe to turn Jellied Cranberry Sauce into a relish. Can anyone help me?
  10. Thanksgiving
    Here's mine: Veggie tray with homemade dips (ranch and hummus) Roasted chicken (I'll do 2... I doubt I'll be able to find a whole turkey here!) Stuffing made from homemade French bread and mushrooms Homemade cranberry sauce Garlic smashed potatoes Fresh rolls Peas & pearl onions Roasted root...
  11. Question and Answer
    anyone shop after thanksgiving, wonder if its worth the deals to go out in the morning to get santa gifts for the little one?
  12. Thanksgiving
    I will be hosting this year and most likely several more holiday's for years to come...Since I'm not working anymore I'm going to make all my side dishes ahead of time...which is something I normally do but would only be a few sides if I'm not going to host because I normally would be...
  13. General Chat
    Just wanted to wish all my fellow FV friends a Happy Thanksgiving!!! Pease have a slice of turkey and some stuffing for me!! Eat plenty Enjoy family and friends And may you be thankful for all the blessings in your life!! :)
  14. General Chat
    This weekend is Thanksgiving here in Canada. DH & I are invited to share Thanksgiving dinner with friends. This made me wonder what others serve for this 'meal of thanks'. For example, do they do traditional or go all out and cook something odd like souffle instead? :lol: Friends are serving...
  15. Thanksgiving
    I've been informed my younger sister and hubby are going to mother's in TX for the holiday. DFIL passed in July, I'm not sure whether MIL wants to be here, without him, for the holiday. (So that's three less than what I'm used to.) I think instead of just family, I'll invite a couple, or...
  16. Thanksgiving
    Here are a few pictures I took before company came over. They are of the table setting, some cookies I made and some deocrations.
  17. Thanksgiving
    I want to wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving. May you enjoy your family and friends. Happy Turkey Day!!!
  18. Simple Living
    ~~~God is in control ~~~the Pilgrims:pilgrim: ~~~my family ~~~the USA:usa: ~~~wonderful weather
1-19 of 177 Results