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    Learn to dive: Online Dating Help: Books for young adults: Online Counseling:
  2. Freebies
    SBR Sports, Inc. :: TRISWIM, FOGGLE, TRISLIDE :: Free Sample Request
  3. General Chat
    This summer hubby and I have some growing up/skill goals for our children. We jokingly refer to these between us as "therapies" Buddy is going to have Pizza Therapy this summer. Where he is going to become brave enough to approach adults and tell what he wants/needs He will be ordering pizza...
  4. Health and beauty
    The doc says my migraine may be mechanical due to muscle spasm at occipital area of skull. Going for massage appointment soon to test this hypothesis. Has anyone else done massage therapy for migraines?
  5. Secondhand Shopping
    so I hit the 4 thrift stores right here by my house today. 1st stop Goodwill...after being followed and approached by Creepy McCreepster :skept: I left with: brand new 1 in notebook for DS the kind with clear inserts on the front for pics and it folds back for notetaking .49 cutest Cow jumped...
  6. Family
    This is starting to bother me. My son will be 3 the end of May but doesn't pronounce his words that great. I know what he is saying, but also lacks sentence structure and some people have made... *cough comments on this.. For example when he says words like... doggie, it's more like 'dohe'...
  7. Sweeps and Online Contests
    Bausch & Lomb and Visual Therapy are doing a giveaway you might be interested in. By visiting you can enter to win a complete makeover from Visual Therapy, a luxury lifestyle firm based in New York, and a year’s supply of Bausch & Lomb Multi-Focal contact lenses. Here is...
  8. Freebies
  9. Health and beauty This is just amazing. The fact that we've come to an age where we can fix genetic defects is a testament to the awesome power of human innovation.
  10. Health and beauty
    Very interesting reading. I know that hot showers aren't good for you, but had not heard of this. I wanted to add that I remember reading in a Katharine Hepburn biography that she did this every morning.
  11. Family
    I'm not really surprised. He's had some trouble with his motor skills. The referral is just a way to see if he needs a therapy program now or if he just needs to practice it at home more. We work with him alot on things, but he seems to have the most trouble because he feels he needs to be...
  12. Freebies
  13. Health and beauty As a Naturopathic Doctor I have been taught to think about health and healing in a very comprehensive, holistic manner. In fact, the science that drives my thought process is that of Vitalism. Vitalism states that our bodies...
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  15. News you can use
    Is your alternative therapy covered? Health plans are more likely than ever to help pay for treatments such as homeopathic remedies, acupuncture and gastric bypasses. But knowing the intricacies of your plan is essential.
  16. Freebies
  17. Health and beauty
    for schizophrenia and other mental disorders (bipolar, schizo-affective, etc.). Anyone ever heard of this? What do you know? Where can I go for more information? Does it really work? Thanks. Jean
  18. Freebies
    Free Parkinson's Therapy Kits :catfly:
  19. Freebies Can I get samples for an event I am attending or hosting? Yes. Simply call us at 800-225-3963, and we will send you a sample request form, or download one here.
  20. Health and beauty
    The following article is from the Daily Express 13 march 2007. There are great services offering complementary treatments on the National Health Service, says Katherine Murphy, spokesperson for the Patients Association, but she warns that you may not be offered them. "Its very much up to the...
1-20 of 33 Results