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  1. Money challenges
    I love my job, but there are a couple of things associated with it that are costing me a fortune! I WILL fight the temptations, and this will be my accountability thread, lol. Parking Fees: If I want to park in the parking lot, it costs me $9 a week. (I work Wed-Sun, and get free parking on...
  2. Leisure challenges
    In honor of my favorite holiday season, starting today and ending on Halloween, I've made it a goal to expand my knowledge of paranormal literature and film! I'll be watching at least 30 new-to-me scary movies and/or documentaries...and reading at least 10 paranormal non-fiction books. The...
  3. Goals and Dreams
    I was inspired by reading this forum, lol. I'm setting a list of goals that I want to accomplish/things to do. I'm giving myself a flexible time limit of 5 years to accomplish as many as possible: 1. Visit the British Isles 2. Learn to sew and actually complete a simple reenactment dress...
  4. FV Neighborhoods
    I was just checking to see if you have been getting the E-cards I've sent ?????????????? From your Secret Pal :D
1-4 of 5 Results