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  1. Support
    Alright everyone - as you go through your day today, when you have a minute, offer a prayer &/or send some good thingies to: Belle (my dd) for the 1st stage of her cheer competition - they've worked for months on their routine & today is part one - tomorrow is part two..... Deana (Sunshine's...
  2. Computers
    I GOTTA NEW THINGIE! I GOTTA NEW THINGIE! I GOTTA NEW THINGIE! No Kathryn - not that kindda thingie! I got a big Tetris block!!!!! WooHoo, WooHoo, Go Deb, It's yo birfday, gonna party like it's yo birfday!!!! <b><big><font color=red><h2>Thanks oh great and powerful thingie...
  3. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    On the pop-soda line.... What do you call the strechie eleastic thing you hold things together with? Some say binder, some rubber band, elastic, ect. What do you say?
1-3 of 3 Results