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  1. Support
    He's having some major health issues and will be undergoing surgery mid July for 3 aneurysms. He's also under a lot of emotional stress for unrelated issues. Please send up some prayers or good thoughts for David. I really appreciate it and have seen with my own eyes how much this helps. TIA
  2. Support
    My nephew Ronnie was in a terrible auto accident on Wednesday morning. He's in an induced coma due to a brain injury and his other injuries are numerous and severe. We could truly use some prayers and good thoughts for him and his family. Thank you in advance.
  3. Needle Arts
    Does anyone know how to make the crocheted doily looking things with people's last names in them? It's made using the thread that people do doilys and table clothes with? If anyone knows how to make them please let me know! I have all the thread needed, I would ship it to you and pay you to...
  4. General Chat
    How on earth do you get the trackers (like onto your signature? I went to the site, designed a good little ticker and now wehn I look at my signature, it's just an url..... no graphics. What am I doing wrong? Babs
  5. Support
    Our youngest dd is going off for 6 weeks to an "unfriendly" country for good works. I'm trying to keep a positive outlook but have to admit that I'm getting very nervous and am finding that I fall into a puddle of tears for the smallest of things. I haven't been on much for about 2 weeks, the...
  6. Support
    Could everyone send good thingies and prayers my way. I had some tests and blood work for my heart today. I am hoping that everything comes back ok. I will let you all know what I hear but would really appreciate good thoughts that everything is fine... Thanks in advance!
  7. Support
    The husband to one of our closest friends' couple has had back surgery about 3 months ago. He hurt his back again on Monday and they found out today that he has to have surgery again on Monday. He only has 5 sick days, must go 10 days without pay to get short term disability:( They've had such...
  8. Support
    I can't go into any in depth detail yet, but please - please pray for my family...send good thoughts...wish us well...whatever you do - I just really, really, really need all the power on my side that I can get.... I know that I'm right & I know this is what my faith & my gut is telling me - I...
1-8 of 10 Results