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  1. General Chat
    I've tried searching, but I guess I'm not picking the right keywords. I'm looking for two threads. The first one was called something like "How I Avoid the Grocery Store" The second one was a list of things that a person no longer bought at the store, but either made substitutions or made...
  2. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    I was trying to figure out how to budget for us, since we own 2 businesses(yikes, right?) and we have trouble budgeting. Well, I want to plan, but dh is an anti-planner and is just kind of go-with-the-flow...which drives me MAD! Can someone point me to a thread or offer tips here if there are...
  3. General Chat
    Do you routinely go through them and eliminate, or just let them accumulate? I had roughly 12 pages of subscriptions dating back to 2009! I didn't even realize they were still there until I checked my subscribed threads because I was having a hard time finding something and found that i had 12...
  4. Reported Post/Threads I don't understand this new...
  5. Question and Answer
    :D Gabe? Or anyone else?
  6. OAMC, Homecanning, Freezing, and Preserving
    I have been trying to post a new thread in the canning and freezing section and I keep getting an error that all the data isn;t completed. So I thought I'd try here. Can I make freezer jelly out of juice? I got a good deal on bottle of juice last night and thought apple cherry and apple...
  7. General Chat
    What do the four stars mean on threads that you see and when you put your mouse on them it says like 1 vote. I have seen this on many boards and do you vote for a thread that you really like? :stupid: TIA
  8. General Chat
    I noticed a lot of old threads coming back to life lately? Is there any rule to this? TIA
  9. Question and Answer
    did I miss something???? I cannot seem to find the threads , for example,, Chevy chicks', MrsMcDowells'. itsahumanzoo, homesteadmamma, etc.....what happened to them? Did everyone disband them? I looked in the challenge section but most of them had not been posted in for several weeks....did...
  10. Freebies Evolution: Constant Change and Common Threads DVD How has the amazing diversity of plants and animals evolved? What can fossils, butterflies, and stickleback fish tell us about the deep common ancestry of all living forms? In four...
  11. General Chat
    I was looking for the thread about the show regarding a terrorist nuclear attack. Sorry guys, I can't remember the name of the show, but you all seemed to like it so much. Did it get canceled? I thought it was supposed to start back up in January.
  12. General Chat
    When I log in is there any way I can set something so I know what threads I have posted to so I can check on replies? On another board I was on when you logged in you clicked your user name and it showed you your most recent replied to posts. thanks.
1-12 of 36 Results