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  4. Preparedness and Survival
    This is a must read for anyone serious about prepping...two people I immediately thought of was The Frug and Marla too. The Tide is Turning – Prepping is Becoming Normal | The Survival Podcast I bookmarked the site to read more on it..loved the site...thought I'd share First paragraph sample...
  5. Freebies
    the Tide Challenge is this Monday night at 9pm ET. If you’re one of the first 100,000 people to register for the Tide Stain Release Challenge, you’ll be able to reserve a free sample for yourself and three of your friends. Tide | Facebook
  6. Freebies
    Sunday January 9, 2011 at 8pm EST for the first 5000 They will post a link on their facebook page Tide | Facebook
  7. Freebies
    Tide is giving away 5,000 FREE bottles of Stain Release Pre-Treat Spray on Facebook on 12/3/10 at 12 (noon) eastern time. Tide | Facebook
  8. Laundry
    I made up this recipe, but I havent tried it yet. There are two 5 star reviews on already for it (Formerly recipezaar) The SUN oxygen cleaner can be purchased a huge bucket at Dollar General. The SUN detergent with bleach can be purchased at Dollar Tree for $1. The Borax at Walmart...
  9. Freebies
    Play tennis, then design outfit, enter contest and then you see the spot for the free sample.
  10. General Chat
    I have a ton of friends who just L O V E Tide.. I've used a bottle and a half of it and I'm having a lot of fading with my clothes! Shame on you Tide. Shame on you.:fpunch:
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    Please enter your information below to get a FREE* sample of Tide Total Care.
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  16. Freebies
    free smaple of Tide with dawn stain scrubbers. I haven't recieved my sample yet, but did fill out the form.
  17. Freebies Follow the link to free sample.~
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1-20 of 47 Results