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  1. Sewing
    My DD dances and seems to go through the dance tights very quickly. As do the other dancers. At $17/pair this is really annoying. I was wondering if anyone knew how to darn runs/holes in tights. Thanks!!
  2. General Chat
    My daughter has several pair of tights that don't fit her anymore with the feet on. With all the short shorts and skirts these days I wanted to get her leggings but then I thought if I just go buy some lace trim I could maybe cut off the feet of the tights and turn them into leggings. Has anyone...
  3. General Chat
    not a good way to start a sunday! went to get ready for church and this happened, went ahead and got ready went to church the kids showed up , the little ones went to kids church, then came back up, they kids have to go to the front of the church at the end of service and the pastor asks them...
  4. General Chat
    What's up with that?
1-4 of 4 Results