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  1. Lifestyle Articles
    Have you ever put yourself in time-out? I have! Sometimes I want time-out from the house-work. Time-out from fighting kids. Time-out from laundry. My problem is that I often don't want to come out of "time-out". My room is peaceful and I can avoid all the negative that real life can bring with...
  2. Health challenges
    Wow I'm late on starting this one up.Busy month so far.Might be hard to take time out for myself But for today I will try my hardest to take the time out to give myself a manicure
  3. Health challenges
    Whew what a busy weekend to start off June.Computer went donw so haven't been on all weekend,so I'll start this months timeouts. today I took the time out to read and workout.
  4. Health challenges
    Today I am going to take the time out to take a nice long hot shower and actually shave my legs(you should see them)and blow dry my hair and put on makeup.
  5. Health challenges
    Being a mother means you are the hub of your household,nothing gets by without you knowing it,and sometimes nothing gets done without you doing it.So this challenge is for us as mothers to take a time out everyday for ourselves,be it and hour long bath to soak away the day,20 min nap,eating...
1-5 of 5 Results