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  1. Just Tips
    Fold comfort place in side one of the pillow shams then put other pillow sham over that.
  2. Just Tips
    seen on pintrest putting pancake batter into catsup bottle and keeping in fridge.. I thought wow I feel so:stupid:
  3. Just Tips
    My daughter was playing around with her makeup and put on some eyeliner that refused to come off. She had scrubbed and scrubbed. I told her to use a little baby oil on a qtip and it worked perfectly. Took it right off. Just thought I'd pass it along.:grball:
  4. Just Tips
    This blog is in my Favorites and she posted something very interesting about canning. Scroll down to her October 7 post about canning pears. The information that is new to me in the last paragraph: My Byrd House Warning: There's music embedded in the website and to turn it off you need to...
  5. Health and beauty
    i break out even in my thirties, so i started using garlic oil capsules, one a day, seems to be making a difference, its an anti-fungal product.
  6. Utilities
    from my local coop extension. Here: These Web pages make it easy for you to find general information and local resources that can help you improve your home's energy economy. Maximize the energy-efficiency of new construction Weatherize...
  7. Just Tips
    Got this in a consumer affairs email today...... don't know if others have thought about this but thought I would post it............I wouldn't have thought of it. Before closing an acct. print out any records you might need. As posted in the letter: "Print out your statements. Rising fees...
  8. Just Tips
    If you use vinegar in the rinse cycle of your washer but miss the smell of fabric softener pour 1/2 cup or 1 cup of liquid fabric softener into your gallon jug of vinegar and you'll still have some of the smell. A bottle of fabric softener will last a long time just using 1/2 cup per gallon of...
  9. Careers
    Let's see your best job hunting tip. 1. Make finding a job your full time job. When my wife was laid off a few 5 years ago, she spent hours and hours looking for jobs on job websites. please add.
  10. Just Tips
    Canned Fruits Whenever you open a can of fruit, instead of pouring the liquid/juice down the drain, save it in a salad dressing type container. Then add some balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, and spices to your liking to make a delicious salad dressing. I also use it for braising meat...
  11. Question and Answer
    I was reading an article earlier today, don't ask me where because I don't remember LOL. It was about Christmas/Holiday tipping. I live in an apartment building and I subscribe to two different Sunday newspapers (for the Sunday coupons ;)) The drivers obviously come by really early in the...
  12. Home Environment
    We have been a 1 vehicle family now for nearly nine years, so sometimes it feels like I spend a little too much time acting as a taxi service. A lot of times driving people around also involves a lot of waiting around - waiting for my husband to come out of work, waiting for my daughter to come...
  13. General Chat
    Yesterday while I was at work and my wife was home we had a brown out and then a power surge. The wife thought it had fried both satellite receivers but when I got home I found out she was wrong. It fried both power strips... :grwave: Wow, am I glad I bought good ones.. Note the purple plug.
  14. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    i do into my checking acct 2x a month . this month is always a crazy one with extra BTS stuff fees and tuitions starting for the yongest 3 and extra curricular activity $ needed etc so i do the bills have it all figured out- whew relief !! due to unexpected car expenses i was...
  15. OAMC, Homecanning, Freezing, and Preserving
    you don't always have to pressure cook to can I've always water bath canned everything all you have to do is double the time it calls for pressure canning and keep the water at a good boil all the time and be sure to keep the water level over the lids I've canned deer meet that kept for over 5...
  16. Just Tips
    Our cats only eat one type of food. They are indoor cats and do really well on only one kind of food. They can have treats but rather than pay a $1-2 for a small thing of treats I buy a second bag of cat food (whatever is on sale or I have a Q for) and then sprinkle some on the floor as a...
  17. Pets
    get a kitten!! DH went down for his Sunday nap. As usual he started snoring. Boy kitten heard the noise and must have thought that creature was growling at him and attacked. It was so funny! DH jumped up like he was shot. I guess baby claws are sharp even in your sleep!!LOL! Thankfully DH...
  18. Pregnancy
    I am 8 weeks pregnant and have been dealing with nausea for a few weeks now. My doctor has prescribed Zofran and Reglan, but it's a toss up as to if/when they work. Someday, I do get relief but other day I can just forget it. Dh suggested ginger root steeped in hot water, but that didn't work...
1-18 of 439 Results