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  1. Automotive
    any advice on how to buy tires? I have a 2000 Nissan Sentra. I want good tires, but don't need the "best". I definitely need something that is good in the snow but I don't want the feel of driving in a truck. any advice so I don't get ripped off?
  2. Automotive
    anyone ever put used tires on their car instead of new ones? I'm going to need two new front tires before winter and I took a different route home yesterday and saw a sign for "used tires for sale" out front of a Automotive Garage. any advice on this one?
  3. Coupons
    $40.00 OFF A SET OF FOUR TIRES OR WHEELS 'Good At Discount Tire Stores in Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, and Utah Only.'... Print your coupon here
  4. Coupons
    Has anyone here recently gotten a membership to BJs? My boyfriend and I were looking at the tires there and they've got the kind we want and at a good price (BFGoodrich tires). Right now if you get a membership they give you a sheet of coupons. The sheet just happens to have a for 50 dollar off...
  5. Frugal Living
    I ask this question because I got caught today at the tire store. I purchased new tires two months ago for Dw's car. Last week, she put a nail through the sidewall of one of the tires. It was not repairable. It cost another two-hundred and forty dollars to replace. Had I spent eighty...
  6. Just Tips
    I just got 4 new tires put on my car today. I drive a 2001 Dodge Intrepid. Big 16 inch wide tires.Generally one tire cost me close to $100, until I discovered a place called Cohen tire here in PA. They sell recaps as well as new tires. This is the second time I have gone down there to get a...
  7. Question and Answer
    One stipulation to this year's trip to Sherwood Park, AB is that DH puts winter tires on the van. Every year that we have gone it has been pretty rough as far as the weather goes, and I don't want to risk anything this year. I'm pretty paranoid of highway drivers, especially with it getting dark...
  8. Question and Answer
    Just tried googling and came up with many too many useless uninformative sites on how to select the best tire for any vehicle. Anyone have any tips on how to come up with a more effective search or know of any sites that I can go browse to help me review tires? Maybe don't post them here since...
  9. Freebies
    Want a brochure or video mailed to you? We will be happy to mail to your U.S. or Canada address. Please fill out your mailing address and indicate which items you wish us to send.
  10. General Chat
    We had heard rumors that they had caught the suspects and that their parents were the ones to turn them in. We weren't sure how true the rumors were until last night when the local news ran the story of 3 teens being arrested for vandelism. One of the boys was actually DS#2's friend. I would...
  11. Just Tips
    When you purchase tires at Sam's rotation and balance are free every 7500 miles. So while I had my car there for the tire replacement I had mine rotated and balanced too. Killed a few birds with one stone there that day.
  12. Freebies top left-register for prizes and get a free 12 song cd
  13. Freebies
1-13 of 13 Results