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  1. Relationships
    So my mom died 10 years ago, and left me with my dad, and my kids. We're small and dysfunctional, because we are the only ones. No siblings, no cousins or aunts and uncles. My dad has known butvnot acknowledged for years that I am a lesbian, has met some ofm partners and was polite, even...
  2. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    Fa la la la la, check your policies! Yep, we just saved $464.60 a year by switching to Nationwide. Now our insurance is a little different than most, we have not only homeowners and auto, but also rental dwelling and an umbrella. But here's how I did it. 1st: Collect declarations pages for...
  3. Just Tips
    With dismal sales this year you should be able to find grill parts still hanging around at your local big box store. Some people don't realize that when the grill "goes' it just needs a new burner, which is easily replaced. Also you can buy fire proof black paint to freshen up the appearance...
  4. Christmas
    :thud: It's November 1st. Christmas is roughly seven weeks away (if my math is right, which in this case it may not be) and while I have started some shopping, I can't get over it. November 1st already?! It's not happening! :weeping: I have a really great feeling about this year, though. I...
  5. Thrifty Thursday
    What's everyone up to today and how's your weather? It was 21 when I got up this morning, we still have about 4 inches of snow on the ground and ice under that on the roads. (bbrrhhh) But I'm not complaining. Just don't want the weather or conditions to interfere with my ds and ddil's arrival...
  6. General Chat
    I ran across this song and thought I'd share.
  7. Leisure & Media Arts
  8. Simple Living
    What did you think? Dh and I have really enjoyed looking at simple living from the Christian perspective. A new approach for me. I came at simple living through secular frugality books and simple living books. This little book is making us rethink a lot of moving before...
  9. Christmas
    a nice family site with lots of stories!
  10. Home and Family
    I was listening to one of my favorite radio talk programs today. The topic of the hour was “do you feel burdened by Christmas?” Much to my amazement the host, and the majority of his guests, spent the better part of an hour whining and moaning about the burdensome nature of the holiday season...
1-10 of 10 Results