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  1. Rebates, Refunds, Forms, etc
    UPC + dated CRT - purchase by 6/30/08, postmark by 7/31/08. Price paid up to $7.99
  2. Rebates, Refunds, Forms, etc
    This expires 2008, need to submit original receipt, UPC, TMF peelie for full refund. Other MIR forms I have are Crest Pro Health toothpaste 6.0 oz free coupon via mail x3/31/06, $3 Sucrets Defense MIR. ISO: any formula check, I can use recently expired ones. Also looking for meat rebates valid...
  3. Rebates, Refunds, Forms, etc This is for the Mineral Wear Foundation up to $9.95 This is for the FLAT Mascara up to $6.95 Both are Form + CRT + UPC and expire 6/30/06
  4. Rebates, Refunds, Forms, etc
    Look for SMP Advanced Listerine with Tartar Protection. The TMF form is attached to the bottle top. I found mine at Walgreens. It is the 250 mL. Good through 1/1/05-12/31/05
  5. Freebies
    Premium Dessert Bars, Lemon Delight, Ultimate Blondie, Chocolate Cheesecake Swirl or 7 Layer Sensation.
  6. Freebies
    Try Me Free up to $3.50, expires 12/30/04. I found these at my WalMart. There was a $1/1 coupon in the 8/22 Vlassis to make this better than free! I tried the Sausage and Egg ones and they weren't too bad.
  7. Freebies
    at Dollar General, 100 oz for $5 with $5 MIR.
1-8 of 8 Results