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  1. General Chat
    He said everything is going well. I do have a hot spot on my breast where I had radiation but he said that is normal. So is the 4 pounds I have gained since I finished chemo, that is due to the drug he has me on. :mad: All in all, he didn't find any new lumps and he is having a special...
  2. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    If you have a spare minute they could sure use a prayer or good thought for their future. Have a great weekend ladies.  I am off to get ready for the wedding. :)
  3. Health challenges
    Get ready, Get set.....GO!!!! Get your shoes laced up, your bikes shined up and your water bottles handy! 30 min of exercise everyday for 30 days! We CAN do it!!!! Today I am going out for a walk if its not too cold....if it is...I'll go to the gym! Good luck everyone!
  4. General Chat
    and could use some prayers please. I stopped by to see my hubby at a construction job site (and he wasn't there after all) and the plank I was walking down started slipping and went out from under me. I ended up breaking my glasses (we went ahead and replaced them when we were in town)...
  5. Support
    My MIL is having heart surgery today, so please keep her in your thoughts and prayers....I called a little while ago and they are taking her in to the OR at 12:30. My dh and his sister are over there with her....I stayed here with ds....didn't want to drag him over to the hospital. They are...
  6. Quilting
    I finally decided to make my block for the tutorial, so I went ahead and made a couple more for my Mom's too. The first one is the Churn Dash
1-6 of 6 Results