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  1. General Chat
    as soon as I walked in the door last night James came running up to me all excited. He wanted to go to Toys R Us NOW and get some monster truck thing. Um, NO! he had a fit! on the car ride home I told him that he needed to save his money if he wanted stuff like that. That I just didn't have the...
  2. General Chat
    4% WAHOO!!! I've never gotten a 4% raise before, its usually between 2-3% AND considering at this time last year I thought I was going to get fired this is HUGE!!! I'm so excited!! This is so going to help me fund my 8 month EF and then I'll be able to start living like I'm not poor! :mdance:
  3. General Chat
    So my boss tells me to close the door when I walk into his office. He state that so and so wanted to know why I looked away from them when they said hello. I told my boss that they creep me out. Not the first time mind you because I told him in the summer the situation. So he proceeds to...
  4. General Chat
    you bear a very striking resemblance to Marilyn Monroe????? You could start a side business doing impersonations!!!!!!!!!!! Ha Ha!!! Just had to give you a rough time........need a good laugh every once in a while....wait a are a blonde aren't you?????:mdance::mdance::mdance:
  5. Stay at home moms
    Don't know if this goes here but.... Twin kiddos (11) had a friend sleepover. In the morning, I awoke to that lovely aroma of "somebody had a bit too much to drink before bed". Of course , I pretended not to noticed as I would never embarrass him I waited until he left and w/o my kids noticing...
  6. Frugal Living
    I rebelled against my inner voice and did it anyways. I don't care for Wal-mart because of their business ethics. However, a co-worker was telling me how much cheaper groceries were than another supermarket. So, I went there. Most of the groceries there is cheaper. There is more selection...
  7. General Chat
    I've been told I look like a brunette Kate Winslet, but I wish I looked like Natalie Portman LOL What celebrity have you been told you look like?
  8. General Chat
    :fan::fan:He has been having all of his packages of junk he orders sent here. He comes to get them while dh and dd aren't home, acting like he is all mad at us. Because dh won't give him a key to the shed (he is known for taking things that aren't his). So, he just came. ME: Where were you...
  9. General Chat
    How old were your kids when you told them about Santa? The little girl I'm babysitting (9) told dd (7). Of course dd didn't believe her. But I'm wondering if I should tell. It's gonna break my heart to tell her! She loves Santa!
  10. Frugal Living
    :weeping: :pdoff: I told my dh that I would like to have a WEii game system. That since we were so rural and that it was so hilly that I could not get out and exercise because I have terrible allergies and asthma. I thought that the bowling and tennis games would be terrific ways to exercise for...
  11. General Chat
    Turns out, I could have done all my retirement saving in 4 years and been done with it. Start on your first $1 million at 16
  12. Religion Wow!
  13. Family
    ..."I'm NEVER going to take a nap." Sigh. Should ge a long few years.
  14. General Chat
    that you look younger than your age?  How old did they think you were?
  15. Family
    They were cleaning up the table after eating lunch and Mrs C,told Katie to throw her bags away...Katie said "NO! I can't...My mom washes these..." :laugh: I said So what did you do...."I stuffed them way in my lunch box so she couldnt get them out!" LOL I would have liked to seen her teachers...
  16. General Chat
    and then Meijer's had them on sale, so I bought some more. :bang: I don't often buy juice boxes. I do buy them occasionally as a treat for the kids. First off, I prefer 100% fruit juice for the kids. I don't like the cost of fruit boxes, the kids ask for more and more and more throughout the...
  17. General Chat
    We've had a great offer on our house.  The lady offered us very close to the asking price, doesn't want us to pay any closing costs, and has agreed to rent it back to us until near the end of September--- a great offer by all standards.  Our only concern was that our new house may not be ready...
1-17 of 28 Results