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  1. Relationships
    Do you have to bite your tongue about money to enhance your relationships? I sure do. For example, 16-yr-old gets good value out of our unlimited texting plan. DH thinks it's worthwhile since DD enjoys it so much. Me? A waste of cash. But, for family harmony, it's worth it. And I had to...
  2. Family
    Now, DH works hard and provides for us well. This year, he's getting a nice raise. Since we're doing okay, I want to put a bit of it into the budget -- and add the rest to his pre-tax retirement contributions. In previous years, DH has never made a peep when I've decided things like that...
  3. Health and beauty
    Dh brushes his tongue and has taught dd to brush hers when she brushes her teeth as well. This was never something I was taught to do growing up and it's not something that I do now because it makes me gaggy. Do you? Are you supposed to? What's the deal with it?
  4. Pets
    <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%" border=0> <TBODY> <TR vAlign=top> <TD>A feeling of rough sandpaper as you are licked by your cat is a reminder that its long, muscular tongue serves many functions, including grooming. <B>A Grooming Tool and More</B> A cat’s ability to groom itself...
  5. Christmas
    Can you say these three times... fast? ***************************** Seven Santas sang silly songs. Santa's sleigh slides on slick snow. Bobby brings bright bells. Running reindeer romp 'round red wreaths. Tiny Timmy trims the tall tree with tinsel. Chilly chipper children...
1-5 of 5 Results