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  1. Health and beauty
    Hello everyone. I'm inviting everyone to spend time brainstorming and jotting down "tools" that will help us on our journey towards health. A "toolbox" is really an intangable object in this sense- it's a list of ideas that we can put into action when we need a little extra help making...
  2. DIY
    They are 60% off and I have Canadian Tire money for it, so I'm getting 2. I'm going to put in all the tools that I normally use and have to go out to dh's workshop for. I also plan on getting a few other items that I'm always looking for; picture hangers, screws, tape and nails. The...
  3. Christmas
    Toolbox Candy Sampler Sometimes the simplest of gifts are the most popular, and this gift is no exception. People will talk about this gift for months after you give it to them! Any small compartmentalized container can be used…sewing kits, tackle boxes, bead boxes, or even jewelry boxes..I use...
  4. Home Decorating
    I love trash to treasure ideas. This one is cute too.,1158,DEID_project_26403,00.html Sara The ladder on the same page is a cute idea, as well.
1-4 of 4 Results