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  1. Crockpot Recipes
    toss together chicken Recipe Descriptioncrock pot toss n forget dinner. super easy and yum! Preparation Steps:plug crock pot in gather and open the cans Level of Difficulty:Easy Time Needed:4 mins to prep 4 hours to cook Ingredients:can of blk beans can of...
  2. Just Tips
    When your shower curtain liner gets dirty, do you replace it or clean it?
  3. Just Tips
    If you get any of your clothes cleaned at the dry cleaners or purchase something and the hangers are left on, do you keep the hangers? I toss all wire hangers, because I can't stand them. My DH also loves to give me a hard time and calls me Joan Crawford (Mommy Dearest). However, I will...
  4. Just Tips
    I usually toss mine.
  5. Just Tips
    For those of you that have your newspaper delivered to you. Do you keep or toss the bags and/or rubberbands? I usually toss the bag our newspaper comes in but I keep some of the rubberbands.
  6. Just Tips
    What do you do with your empty egg cartons? I usually keep mine for kids. My girls scouts can use them for a project or I will give them to the preschool at DD school.
  7. Just Tips
    I remember when almost every mother or grandmother I knew had a button box. I don't, but should (as opposed to my randomly-scattered collection). How 'bout you?
  8. Just Tips
    Do you keep containers such as margarine, whipped topping, baby food jars, pickle jars, and mayo jars? How many and what do you use them for?
  9. Just Tips
    Do you keep them or toss them? I sometimes cut them in half and sometimes forget. I primarily toss them.
  10. Just Tips
    I'm going to periodically list some items and you tell me if you'd keep it or toss it. If you keep it, tell me what you do with it or plan to do with it and how many you're willing to keep. This is based on staring at our old baby gate and how I kept it even though it was broken, but finally...
  11. Question and Answer
    What do you toss and what do you save and reuse? As I pulled out the smoking candle from the cake, I thought of this? Do you save and reuse the candle or toss it? My mother always saved them.
  12. Home Environment
    Okay, everyone! Whether or not your kitchen is done, you can certainly participate in this part of the challenge. We've done this before and we'll do it again, but it's a great, quick way to get out the junk! Get a small garbage bag or a grocery bag or something and go through your house...
  13. Home and family challenges
    Today I want you to take a grocery bag, shopping bag, any sort of extra bag you have laying around the house (no, not a little Ziploc bag, cheaters!) and walk through your home and fill it with garbage. Look in drawers, on horizontal surfaces, under things: anywhere that there are broken...
  14. Kitchen Basics
    Surprising Expiration Dates Written by Maya Kukes and Lisa Smith Certain items in your house practically scream "toss me" when their prime has passed. That mysterious extra white layer on the Cheddar? A sure sign it needs to be put out of its misery. Chunky milk? Down the drain it goes. But...
  15. Home Environment
    How long does it take you before you either toss or repurpose an unmatched sock? I finally tossed a bunch of singletons that I've had in a drawer since last August. How about you?
  16. Home Environment
    Hi ladies! :wave: It's been awhile, and I know I can use this quick challenge, so I'm betting a few of you can as well. Grab a garbage bag (I use a grocery bag) and move your way through your house. Toss anything that isn't necessary. That old magazine you've got lying on your coffee...
  17. Question and Answer
    second use - cardboard tubes How do you reuse carboard tp and paper towel tubes?
  18. Home Environment
    Okay, here's what I'd like you to do today. Go through every room in your house with a bag or box or some sort of container. Collect every pen/pencil you see and those you don't see (in drawers, etc.) Then, test them all out. Toss the ones that aren't working. Then, create a centralized...
  19. Home Environment
    Okay, it's a beautiful day outside, so we'll be quick! Go and find 20 tossable pieces of paper in your house. Toss them! Can be as big as a file folder or as small as the backing from a sticker one of your kids left on the floor. Find 20 and toss them! (Of course, if you feel inspired, find...
  20. Home Environment
    Hey all! If you are like me, and if you celebrated Easter with some children in your home yesterday, I bet this will be easy for you. Even if you didn't, I bet it will be easy, unless you did a major clean-up this weekend! Grab a small trash bag, grocery bag, some sort of bag and go around...
1-20 of 39 Results