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  1. Community sites
    My daily ramblings of a girl who loves primitives and yearns to be that country girl. Check out my blog, leave some comments and enjoy your stay!
  2. Support
    Tracy, I'm sure with all of our comments and input, you're probably feeling pretty overwhlmed and are you holding up? :grouphug:
  3. Military Families
    Tracy, how is your son doing in bootcamp? It won't be long and he will be a Marine instead of a recruit! I know you have to be very excited and proud of him!! I think of him form time to time. Let him know he is in my prayers. I know Marine bootcamp is a killer!! He is going to love MCT!!!
  4. General Chat
    Your avitar is great. Too funny. I just might have to make a sign for my yard. Very clever. Like the mother's prayer too.
  5. Health and beauty
    Just wondering how the stress test went with your hubby Tuesday. Hope everything is alright, huugggssss
  6. General Chat
    You look so happy and that is one VERY cute baby? How old?
  7. General Chat
    DH is suppose to be taking a business trip to San Bernadino and Tracy CA. I may be going with him. They said I could go except I would have to pay for my own plane ticket. Other than that everything else would be paid for. My question is are there any sites to see in these areas? I don't want...
  8. General Chat
    Do you have another mail address?? I've tried to mail you twice and it keeps being returned to me! Sorry :( If not please mail Melissa and she can try to forward my mail for me. Sorry for the inconvenience!
1-8 of 8 Results