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  1. Freebies Core Training, unlike cardio or aerobic training, doesn't require a great deal of movement. Yet it improves the muscles you use for everyday tasks. You can build a stronger core in just 12 weeks—Core Trainer's continual...
  2. Health and beauty
    has anyone tried this?? it looks great, but does it really work? it is pretty expensive. like $99 + shipping. i saw it on an infommercial.
  3. Family
    I know my dd has a little ways to go before she'll need to start (she is 17mths) but I found this potty training set on clearance at was only 4.98 (half off) and I just couldn't resist since i've been worried about where/when i'd get one of these.. I came home and realized it's a...
1-3 of 3 Results