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  1. General Chat
    It an as seen on TV product. I got mine at Menards on sale for $2.99 was skeptical if it worked. I used it Monday morning and in 2 hrs it thawed the frozen solid meat in only 2hrs!!!! I was very impressed. It was a great buy and it works great!!!!
  2. Frugal Recipes, Leftovers, Budget Meals
    I have started trying a new system for my leftovers. Even when I only have just a bit, I like to freeze the leftover(s) in ice cube trays then transfer to a ziploc bag(s) I keep in the freezer. My plan is to write down what I put into these bags, a running list on my fridge or otherwise...
  3. Just Tips
    I need suggestions on how to freeze eggs without an ice cube tray. I just hit a great sale ( see the thread in town crier) and I need to freeze 3 dozen eggs. How do I do it? Thanks for any tips.
  4. Hobbies
  5. Hobbies
    This tray can be used for flowers, herbs or wheat grass for a spectacular centerpiece or window embellishment. Here's what you'll need: Glue galvanized metal tray spray paint patterned grosgrain ribbon scissors Spray paint tray in desired color, allow to thoroughly dry before proceeding...
  6. Coupons
    Haven't seen them in a while but I figured that I would give it a shot. I forgot who makes them, cat's pride? Thanks Laura
  7. Home Decorating
  8. Green Living
    So-Cool Plane Model~~from Large foam meat tray
  9. Hobbies
    You need....... A plain wooden picture frame (any size) 2 cabinet handles with screws 2 pieces of medium weight cardboard and 1 piece of glass to fit frame Desired fabric Glazier's points (available at craft and hardware stores) A 1/8" thick sheet of cork the same size as the frame Hot...
1-9 of 9 Results