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  1. General Chat
    I bought Tupperware years ago, even tho it was more expensive than Walmart type of storage containers, because it had a guarantee of replacement if a piece broke. And over the years, I have had a few lids break. I just took them to the dealer, and got a new lid, and all was well. Now I live...
  2. Meal planning
    I made beef stew tonight and put 1/2 in a glass bowl and 1/2 in another glass bowl and I want to freeze one for another time. Will it break or is it okay?
  3. For Sale or Trade
    Tupperware Posted by: clgraves Description: I am just getting back into Tupperware. I will be getting my new catalogs soon if any one would like one please let me know. Or you can visit Tupperware's site and then let me know what you want to order via email. I used to sell Tupperware but...
  4. OAMC, Homecanning, Freezing, and Preserving
    I want to get back into freezing meals ahead, now that we have a freezer again. I used to like some of the casserole recipes in the OAMC book, but they are based on thawing the casserole overnight and reheating it in the oven. I would prefer to use those Tupperware freezer to m/w things, I...
  5. Supplemental Income, Small Business
    i used to but quit about 2 years ago when i started working an hour away from home (no time to do anything). i should be getting my kit today or tomorrow i think. just wondering if there are any fellow tupperware ladies here. also a question--i want to be able to direct people to the internet to...
  6. For Sale or Trade
    This is not new Tupperware, but vintage items, Circa 1979 or older. ~Tupperware Pie Taker, used excellent condition,clear/white in color, very clean with the carrying handle....$7 plus shipping ~Large Rectangle Tupperware Storage Container, clear/white in color, used good condition, very...
  7. Supplemental Income, Small Business
    I am having a book Tupperware party to help a friend who is trying to get started. I can ship anywhere. If you are interested in ordering some Tupperware, please consider ordering through my party. You can choose products at the tupperware website. Thank you! :hug2:
  8. Frugal Living
    when i was a kid my mom saved all the jars and butter tubs, coffee cans, etc... she never bought plastic storage containers. i recently started to save my used tubs,cans and jars:clover:
  9. Organization Challenge
    Because DH "bug bombed" the house, I am taking everything off the kitchen shelves, wiping down the shelves, washing all the dishes, pots, pans, etc., and putting down new shelf liner.:mad: But the one grain of good in all this mess is this: I'm looking at the shelves & their contents with new...
  10. For Sale or Trade
    Please pm me, I am looking for a certain item..thanks!!
  11. Supplemental Income, Small Business
    I have an offer to get a starter kit to sell Tupperware~ $100 value for only $20.  The offer states that you are under no obligation to sell any Tupperware if you sign up- you will just be considered an "inactive" consultant if you do not send in any orders within six months. Does anyone here...
  12. Home Environment
    Does anyone have a sure fire way to organize their tupperware junk - I have mine in drawers sorted by size and shape with lids in a seperate container organized by size - It should be real simple, but I am not the only one who goes in to get some, so they are just in chaos - I spend at least 10...
  13. For Sale or Trade
    Like these--I'm not looking to buy them new (by ordering them through a rep I mean LOL)--am hoping someone has some to sell or trade. Here's the link to the ones I'm talking about:
  14. Supplemental Income, Small Business
    I may need a few things (going to research it more tonight--heading outside with the little one now), and I want to give my business to one of the ladies here. :)
  15. General Chat
    Let's party like it's 1951! We are in the midst of the post-war baby boom, the economy is strong, and Tupperware Home Parties are all the rage in suburbia! So pull on your nylons and your best shirtwaist dress, (pearls are optional) and head on over to my ranch-style house in the suburbs! I'll...
  16. Supplemental Income, Small Business
    Cheap, new, Tupperware some ending 5-1. And a few other things. More coming in a few days, gotta clean that back corner out!!
  17. Home Environment
    I have a shelf full of tupperware that always gets jumbled, and almost everyday I can count on something falling out on me.. What are your tried and true ways of organizing these things? Any products that help you, or homemade devices?
1-17 of 17 Results