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  1. Computers
    How to use Excel - Free Excel Tutorials for Beginners - Excel Tips and Shortcuts If you click on the first link that says 'How to Use Excel - Free Email Course', you can sign up for a newsletter that's emailed to you. This will help give you the basics of using and creating items in Excel such...
  2. Sewing
    I'm definitely going to make one of these once I choose my fabric:
  3. Hobbies
    New to me. I can't believe all the cool craft tutorials on this site:
  4. Sewing
    These are adorable and look easy enough. I can't believe Easter is only a little over a week away. I'd love to make some of these...maybe let the kids pick out the fabric for them. I bet they'd get a kick out of that.
  5. General Chat
    When Sara and I got married she printed these and put them next to the bathroom so that I never forget. ;)
  6. Blog
    Bandanna Skirt Tutorial (2-3 year old) Cute! Fizzy Bath Bombs - Tutorial and another too. Green Tea Bath Salts Green Tea Skin Soother Green Tea and Lavender Facial Mist Chamomile Tea Hair Rinse Lip Gloss Recipe
  7. Sewing
    And she made these for like .50 or something......I sssoo need a daughter!
  8. Sewing I'm off to go searching for my cutest fabric, now!
  9. Home Decorating
    I decided to do a tutorial on my blogs about rag garlands. I pretty much make mine the same way but I use cheap twin and tie my own loops. Saves money because its more of a make do that way. Feel free to check it out
  10. Sewing
    ~I posted a tutorial for a summer purse on my blog if anyone wants a simple project to do. It's just four pieces and patternless since you just cut rectangles. Anyone can make this! ~
  11. Quilting
    This tutorial is for a rag quilt that has batting. It's a great tutorial for beginners as well. Enjoy, Sondra
  12. Quilting
  13. Financial hardship
    Of course, I am not counting on the amount they determined online because you just can't because of the red tape but I'd be a fool not to go in and apply. I guess we are in worse shape than I thought.......:bang: Here is the online determination I got............... "It appears that you may...
  14. Just Tips
    I think I would like to share some of my shoping tips with those who are interested. I will do a turorial on Target, walgreens, and cvs. This wont be new news to some of you but maybe afew of our newer members could benefit from it. Target Did you know that Target will accept both manufactor...
  15. Sewing i came upon this and thought it was great especially this time of year. seems pretty simple too
  16. General Chat
    ...on how to french braid hair. I would love to learn how to french braid Julia's hair in one french braid down the back of her head and then how to do a french braid on either side. I can't even french braid my own never works. So, anyone? I'd appreciate any help I can get, and I...
1-16 of 136 Results