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  1. Success Stories
    ... but for US it is! After nearly 3 years of having only a dorm-size fridge (4 cubic feet, no freezer) we bought a fridge... IN CASH! (success) We still don't have a credit card... as tempting as it was to get one, we knew as soon as we had a Home Depot CC we would find things that need...
  2. Saving Saturday
    Been up around here since 7 am. Just can't seem to sleep in any longer even on a weekend <sigh>. This morning is a quick tidy as DH has a borad meeting at 10:30 in my diningroom for his Plumeria Group. So dishwasher emtpied and refilled Dryer emtpied and clean towels hung in hall bath Fur bags...
  3. Thrifty Thursday
    Another Day Another .50 cents! Its alittle overcast here this moring and already 75 at 7am. We'll hit 88 easy today. No rain yet in my neck of the woods so I'll have to run the sprinkler system in the garden and nursery. Sent DH and DS off to the paint job in Plant City again today Had coffee...
  4. Education
  5. Education I'm starting to plan summer activities and schedule our days and came across this. It's an interesting site that shows typical course of study for different ages.
  6. Education nice site and if you look to the left it has more links for higher grades:paw:
1-6 of 6 Results