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  1. General Chat
    I feel like ringing their necks lol every page from knitting, cp blogs, all gone. they must of not realized they deleted them. Hubbys never on it and wouldnt touch it. I dont have all of them wrote down, oh dear now to go and find eveyrthing.
  2. General Chat
    I'll try to make this short.... Dsd is here (11) and I am having none of the usual problems. The kids are all getting along and we for once are actually one smoothly blended family. Instead I"m having a new problem I never saw coming!! My inlaws -- often come and pick dsd up and take her to...
  3. General Chat
    never end when they're supposed too! It was supposed to be over in a few minutes and NOW they're in double-overtime! I want to do my workout video!
1-3 of 3 Results