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  1. Financial hardship
    I mean I knew the economy in my area was getting really bad.. but they cut our hours at the store by 40 hours!!!!! So I am losing a day, still keeping my job so ahead of the game but i kind of got use to the money of 5 days to pay my bills and cut into my debt. I mean we will make it have...
  2. Health and beauty
    Its 12:30am & I've been up with horrible diarrhea & bad stomach/gas pains. I took 2 imodium about 25 minutes ago. My stomach is settling down a little bit....but not 100%. Any home remedies for diarrhea? Any advice or suggestions would be very appreciated!! I need to get some sleep!!
  3. Health and beauty
    My skin is so dry and it's making me nuts!!! I am a lotion fanatic and its not helping. I apply baby oil in the shower too. It's not helping. Anyone have any tips for me? Sara
1-3 of 3 Results