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  1. Pregnancy
    anyone else have this and baby turned in time? dr wants me to rock on hands and knees everyday til next appt in 2 weeks... if she doesnt turn, the dr can try to turn her or possible c section... i dont want a c section if i can help it cuz theres noone to help when baby comes home... advice...
  2. Pregnancy
    So we are having another boy!
  3. Pregnancy
    ~I thought some of you may enjoy seeing a picture of my little sweetpea so I posted it as my avatar! Everything was perfect and the baby is measuring just right, 2lbs and 14 inches long. :D We took the kids with us and they seemed to really enjoy it!~
  4. Pregnancy
    Ok, it was a long time agao (May 22nd) but I'm still feeling too tired to read/post a lot of nights and so I do more catch-up during the weekend. Here's the link to a website where DH scanned the pictures in: The coolest one is...
  5. Pregnancy
    :tedblue: We had the 21 week ultrasound today, and everything was "there and accounted for" as the tech told us. :) I had asked if everything looked normal to her, and she said the best thing she's allowed to tell us was that everything was there-- meaning all the internal organs, heartbeat...
  6. Pregnancy
    We had our followup ultrasound yesterday in Little Rock...six weeks ago they saw extra fluid in Saras Kidneys (Pyelectasis) which they said it could be a blockage, it may or may not clear up ect ect...well they checked them yesterday and they are PERFECT!!!! I was worried...everything with her...
  7. Pregnancy
    I hope these work!!
  8. Pregnancy
    Just got back a little while ago. Had to call the relatives and whatnot before I could come here. :) Well we have a healthy baby BOY! :) :blueted: I am working on posting pictures. I have dh's computer and he took my laptop, so I had to email them to Missy for her to resize for me. I can't...
  9. General Chat
    ...well, I guess, I am just a stressful person who has a hard digesting....The minute I eat something fat, I feel nauseaus and need hot water, plus heated bag on my liver for hours, but I apparantly haver no gallstones---even after a few times having very, very painful hours with my liver...
  10. General Chat
    ....for my gallbladder. Wish me luck! Not that it should be a tough exam...;) I'll tell you what I learn as soon as I know more.
  11. Pregnancy
    And its a BOY!!!!!!!!!!! We are so excited!! After 3 dd's this should be quite interesting! never had to deal with a little penis before...lmao!!! Carol
  12. Family
    I had my ultrasound !!!!!!!!!!! We are really excited. I am expecting #5 June 6th (probably earlier) and we are having another BOY!!!! That will make boy #3 for us and we are happy and would have been either way. We took all the kids to watch and they were all excited to see the baby on the...
  13. Family
    ok, if this works, you will see in the very first picture it is a boy! lol!:toothy: (the arrow is pointing) *just found out i need to break them up. so, here are first two.
  14. Family
    i can't wait!! i wanna know if it is a boy/girl!!! i hope they are able to tell. i just called a few minutes ago to ask if we could videotape it and they said yes!!:) my appt. is at 4:30, so i will have to let you girls know tonight.:D
  15. Family
    was told we're having a baby girl. :D The tech did say her opinion was 80% that it was a girl and that she never gave 100% on girls and only on boys. Umkay. LOL I bought two outfits today to celebrate. :) Anyway, here's a picture. hehe Sara
  16. Family
    Hand was jammed in it's crotch, LOL!! That figures, with #1 we didn't want to find out, and this time I thought I'd live it up a little, but this will get to be another suprise for us. All it's major body parts were there- except they are putting my due date at Nov 30, instead of the 25. Maybe...
  17. Family
    I had my first OB appt May 6th and my first ultrasound today. I couldn't believe how we could see the baby moving all around already. We could see everything. (ears, hands, feet, arms, legs) I could have sat there for hours watching that monitor. Due date is Nov 27th. Sara
1-17 of 20 Results