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  1. Pregnancy
    Okay, so the Freecycle gods have smiled down upon us. We have been blessed with 5 plain ol' cloth diapers, 6 velcro fastened fitted cloth diapers, and 10 prefold diapers. Grand total is 21 diapers, 13 of which I should be able to adjust to fit baby as long as I need to. None of them require...
  2. General Chat
    I passed 1000 posts awhile ago....I'm putting it here for whoever is "in charge" of that. :) thanks :)
  3. General Chat
    Does anyone here know anyone who works for a TV Network? I have an idea for a show that I want to pitch at someone who works for a network (hopefully someone who wont take he idea and speed off with it, leaving me to gag on the fumes they left in their wake!) It's a long shot, but I am hoping...
  4. General Chat
  5. Pets
    Let's see - how do I tactfully broach this one...!!!! :eek: Guess I'll just lay it all out on the table.... Jeepers do I feel incredibly STUPID!!!!! I've always had dogs - Nemo was my first real kitty baby.....and honestly, I never really investigated his "plumbing" just took the vet's word...
  6. Family
    My dh has an odd habit of hanging towels on the upper right corner of doors when getting out of the shower. We have a hook on the door next to the shower, and a towel bar on the other side of the bathroom near the sink--so why such an odd place? The only reason it bugs me so much is because I...
1-6 of 8 Results