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  1. Support
    Update on our sickness We have all shaken the cold or what ever it was. Cough is just a little minor not often annoyance . Sinus back to normal. I'm back in regular underwear too. Thanks everyone for your support when I was feeling under the weather with the rest of the family.
  2. Support
    I have had a coughing cold for just short of a month now. The kind of cough that feel like you are turning your insides out and are going to throw up. I also pee my pants every time I have one of these coughing fits. Which is several times a day. The doc gave me a codeine based medicine to...
  3. Pets
    Ever have one of those moments with your cat or dog, where you're absolutely sure he knows exactly what you just said? Last night, DH and I were curled up in bed and we could hear our dear sweet cat, Tempest, playing in his toy box (we keep all his toys in a plastic basket by the big chair in...
  4. Health and beauty
    I quit smoking on January 3, 2002. That is almost 11 months ago. HUGE accomplishment for me!I had a mole growing on my forehead and went to the doctor, he said it was skin cancer. Not the kind you die from, but I heard the "Big C" word and threw my cigarettes in the trash can and quit cold...
1-4 of 4 Results