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  1. Home Decorating
    let's talk about our love of textiles. i love linen clothing and sheets.
  2. Canadian Pals
    Hey now, there's got to be more Canadians than just me on here! Come, let's talk about peameal bacon, or vanilla ice cream melting on a warm butter tart, or pickerel in the Bay of Quinte... or heck, we can talk about poutine if you want! (oh dear, I am able to discuss things other than food...
  3. Homesteading and gardening
    Due to the high level of interest, I am starting this thread for all of us who promote "global worming." :) My little verms are in my downstairs birds' room, which is a converted garage. I've kept them alive for about three years now. Started with 1,000 worms from "Happy D Ranch" and have...
  4. General Chat
    After I complained about the long cold winter...... I forgot what humidity was. The last two days has been horrible here. Just being used to putting a wee bit less hair product in my hair, I went out shopping most of the day. My blow dried bangs were curled up and my curls looked liked friz...
  5. Find Your Kith
    Okay, so you might have gotten beat up in high school for it, but now we're adults and being a "geek" is actually somewhat respectable. Spill it! Do I have any fellow geeks out there? My life is all about the video games, computers, Lego, super heroes, comic books, collectible card...
  6. General Chat
    Yes, I have eaten fruitcake & enjoyed it. My Mil really makes a good one, really!
1-7 of 7 Results