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  1. Education
    ~I am soooo encouraged with this whole unschooling thing now! :fdance: It's just amazing to see my little guy progress on his own at a similar level to his peers despite his speech problems and SPD. I think there's going to be no holding him back now!~
  2. Education
    I just got the mid term grades today - Aimee straight A's~ superintendent's honor roll, Damon straight A's except handwriting B+=( it  is deplorable - he still expresses himself from the body out - ie :immature processing of letters and it is completely illegible - I have worked so hard on this...
  3. Education
    Christian Unschooling... Unschooling Preschoolers... Christian Unschooling... Developing an Unschooling Non-Curriculum - Math...
1-3 of 3 Results