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  1. General Chat
    Well, I finally bought a tracfone that has more features and can even take pictures and video. Have been wanting to do this for a long time. Also felt it was necessary since I have been running into people who are less than desirable to be around. Now I can video or record them when they get...
  2. Careers
    the interview went really good( so i thought) but i didnt get the job..oh well..but the are going to keep my resume and they encouraged me to keep an eye on their web site as they do post new jobs from time to time I was quite suprise that she called to tell me i didnt get the job...she sounded...
  3. Frugal Living
    I had to post this: Walmart Coupon Policy
  4. General Chat
    I posted some pictures of our dining room. Note the hardwood floors that I waited 20 years for ... the hanging light was installed last night around midnight ... :cheer4: ... and my hubby actually made the chairs (ones with cushions) in high school, what a guy! :) Simple Heart And Mind -...
  5. Homesteading and gardening
    I decided to take some more pictures tonight of the garden(s). I really wanted to get a good set of shots of the tomato plants, so here we go:
  6. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    Our budget has gone through a lot of changes as of recent, especially when it comes to debt payments and planning for the next school year (which starts in August :ack: ). We consolidated our debts into one loan payment through the inlaws, which is going smoothly. Both kids are out of school at...
  7. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    I've heard that an updated version of this book was released recently, more facts and figures in line with today's prices, etc. Has anyone had a chance to read it yet and see if it's any better than the classic with the updated figures and such? I haven't been to a book store in over a year...
  8. For Sale or Trade
    Books are just .50 each + shipping (and insurance if desired!). Media mail is very reasonable. - I recently sold 8 books and media mail was $3.28 .. pretty cheap. Prefer non-cc paypal. Email me at: [email protected] and don't forget to send me your zip code so I can give you a total! I...
  9. General Chat
    In honor of passing my 5 year hurdle, I have updated my avatar (Okay look past the double chin and overall tubbiness please! Hopefully once off all the meds I will lose the weight again. :bowing: This was taken 2 days ago at my friends home. She gave Jack a party/cookout celebrating his 65th...
  10. Health and beauty
    Public service announcement here. Wear your seat belts. I'm not going to go into details but will say we are OK, very very sore but OK, the car is not. Had we not been wearing our seat belts this post might not be being made. Ps, Hydroplaning sucks. :down: Now take care of yourselves & your...
  11. Health and beauty
    I'm down almost 30lbs now, figured it was time for more pictures.
  12. Leisure & Media Arts
    Omgosh did you see last night? When Eliza was telling Jason (umm I think that's his name) that he did NOT have the real hidden immunity Idol? We were dying laughing : "How do you know it's not the right one?" "Because it's a STICK!" "yeah, but it has a face on it!" :rollsmile I like...
  13. News you can use
    Updated Apple TV makes it even more tempting Is Apple TV about to emerge from "hobby" status and become a marquee business for Apple (AAPL)? It's plausible, now that the ... </img>
  14. Pets
    This is how they lay while I'm on the computer!
  15. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    I know about being able to get your credit report free but when it gets to the point of "do you want your score" and I have to pay they want me agree to a "trial membership" in something or other and won't process the transaction without agreeing. I don't want their trial whatever and can just...
  16. Needle Arts :D
  17. Coupons
    10 2.50 off 1 bag 17.6 pd or larger PURINA dog chow, lttle bites indoor complete, dog chow healthy morsels,dog chow senior 7+, fit n trim healthy weight, or puppy chow exp 3/23 10 1.50 off 4 lb bag or larger PURINA dog chow, littlebites indoor complete,dog chow healthy morsels, dog chow senior...
  18. Swaps
    The sign up for our February Swap is officially opened. The swap for February will be Readers and Writers, this swap could include journals and pens, bookmarks, a great book, memo pads, grocery list pads ect... Each member that takes part must have 25 posts and have been a member of Frugal...
  19. Coupons
    Hello ~ I've updated my website to include yesterday's coupons. I have tons of coupons available. Thanks!
  20. Swaps
    The January swap will be a Pamper Yourself swap, the swap can include items such as bubble bath, candles, lotions, eye mask, soothing candles, anything that you could use to pamper yourself a bit. I will keep the sign up open until January 7th and will assign swap partners on January 8th...
1-20 of 244 Results