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  1. Valentine's day
    hello , everybody ,have you got some valentines day ideas? could you give me a hand by sharing them here ?
  2. Valentine's day
    Aloha Friends!! I know thaat this is last minute, but my holidays are just officially over since DD went back to school yesterday. Anyone else interested in a Valentines Day Exchange? Must admit that I had this great idea which really surred my interest in doing this!! How about signing up...
  3. Valentine's day
    what are you going to get your SO? and what are you receiving? and for the single people on here, are you buying yourself anything nice?
  4. Simple Sunday
    Morning all. Happy V-day to all of you, Know how blessed you are if you are with your loved one today. With dh gone with the Army its hard. Anyway, today I am going to clean. Yds and I ran around yesterday so I didnt get alot done. He needs to work on homework and scholarship work. Other then...
  5. Valentine's day
    :hearts::heartsm::heartsm::heartsm::hearts: Happy Valentines Day!! Officially - everywhere but in Hawaii - wecurrently have another hour and 45 minutes, but by the time you get up, we will have caught up with you all!! Hope your day is a happy one and you celebrate however you want!!
  6. Freebies
    I am letting you know ahead of time, some people say this has gone through for them just fine and a handful said that they couldn't. I have not tried it yet, so please post if you have any problems. Register for a new account with and start creating your very own 4×8 photo cards. It...
  7. What's for dinner
    We're not celebrating here. We show our love for each other everyday so no need. As I said in yesterdays thread it was Ds' birthday yesterday and seeing as he went out for dinner we are having a family dinner tonight. Just us though,. no extras. So Ds has requested Apricot Chicken with Rice. And...
  8. Valentine's day
    I need ideas for my daughter's classroom valentines. Anyone?
  9. Swaps
    in a Valentine's Day card swap for all of our homeschool kids? I do this with another online HS group and my kids thoroughly enjoy it. My DD makes her cards and my DS buys his (with his own $). We also include a little blurb about where we live, our homeschooling adventures, etc. It's a...
  10. Valentine's day
    Ahh yes, it's not even Christmas and here's a Valentine's day thread. What would make your Valentine's day special? What have been your best Valentine's day gifts? Your worst? How do you wish it was spent? What do you give your partner? Do you give your kids anything for Valentine's day...
  11. General Chat
    A pretty . . . . bright pink . . . . and red . . . . . . . eye infection. :skept: I have to go to the Dr today to get it seen. My own Doc won't see me because I don't have the copay. So I have a call in to the Urgent care clinic to see if they want me to go there or somewhere else. This sucks...
  12. General Chat
    My dd (21) broke up with her long time bf 3 weeks ago. Today was really hard for her. Then, as I was standing in line at the bakery, I had a woman say to me, "I hate this day, it's so depressing, I'm single". She was a nice looking woman, but she was having a rough day. You know I never realized...
  13. Valentine's day
    What's everyone got planned for their loved ones on Valentines Day. So far I'm hiding chocolate kisses in hubbies stuff so all day long he's finding kisses, and I'm buying a balloon to put in his truck for him to find in the morning before he goes to work. Might make him some steak dinner for...
  14. General Chat got it in my email from honey bunches of oats.
  15. Valentine's day
    DH and I don’t usually surprise each other with gifts. We ask what is wanted or discuss something we found to see if the other would like it. DH found this in one of his magazines and wanted to get me a pajamagram for Valentines Day. With each pajamagram you get to choose from hundreds of great...
  16. Valentine's day
    What are you all doing for your loved ones at Valentines day. I'm not sure what to do, however I would love to do something romantic. My husband isn't the romance type, but he still needs swept off his feet too...I would love to hear your ideas on this. Thanks a bunch!!
  17. General Chat
    I was at the shopping center the other night and in the JoAnne fabric store, front window are Valentine decorations! It is not even Christmas yet! I found that I was drawn to a valentine wreath of red roses. Very full....very flush.....very expensive. Needless to say, I walked on by but...
  18. General Chat
    :hug2: :kissbutt: Happy valentines day!!! I got an ice cream cake in the shape of a heart from my sweetie,my favorite Hope everyone has a great day
  19. Valentine's day
    My DMother teaches the Elderly Ladies Sunday School class at our church. Some of the members are now in nursing homes or assisted living homes. Some are diabetics. One has had a stroke and is not able to hold things. She really wants to do something for them for Valentine's Day but is at a...
  20. Valentine's day
    Here's a couple sites I got some ideas from last year.
1-20 of 69 Results