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  1. General Chat
    so what kind of car/truck/SUV/van/ you drive..... what's it's stats.... i drive a 1999 black mercury mountaineer....i've had it since it was 'born' and will drive it until its demise...(whatever that may be)....has just over 100,000 miles on it.... i also have a 1997 red chevy pickup...
  2. Pregnancy
    I might be visiting my mom this summer and I'm having some issues with vehicles. I have 3 kids. My 5 year old is still small enough for a 5 point harness. My 7 year old is still in a booster. I also have a 10 month old baby that's still in a punkin seat. (graco snugride.) I asked around about...
  3. General Chat
    We have a 2002 Ford Windstar.
  4. Automotive I have been seeing a lot of vehicles lately with the "Flex Fuel E85" tags/insignias on the back of them by the trunk etc and it made me want to reserach. A lot of the articles I read were dated 2006 when this new technolgy first came out...the rest was just message boards with people...
  5. Automotive
    Has anybody ever advertised/sold any unneeded vehicles? I have 2 to sell that we used to use but no longer want or need. They are old, and both need work on them, but for someone with mechanical skills they could be a good deal. Did you advertise in the newspaper? Did you just park it...
  6. General Chat
    There have been a lot of warnings going around about vehicle break-ins in the military housing area. We usually keep the doors locked in our van, but I went grocery shopping Monday, and I guess I forgot to lock it after I unloaded it. :shame: DH got up to go to work this morning at 5:30, and...
  7. Automotive
    Ok, I know Dave Ramsey says to sell your vehicles even if you're upside down and owe more than they are worth.  He says to get a loan for the difference.  Have any of you all done this??  We have 2 trucks.  One payment is $565 per month, the other is $232 per month.  I know, it makes me feel...
  8. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    How many of your vehicles do you own outright (no payment)?
  9. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    How many vehicles do you own?
  10. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    NO, NO, NO. I think they are way over priced and it drives me crazy with what you have to pay for a new vehicle. Even used vehicles are way over priced in my opinion and trying to purchase a used vehicle at most garages here is NUTS!! You?
  11. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    Is it ethical or not? I'm sorta divided on this one. The companies know that many won't purchase their vehicles so they must make allowances for it and yet on the other hand, others go from company to company just for the freebie. Not sure exactly how I feel about it all. You?
1-11 of 11 Results