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  1. Frugal Living
    I am starting to look for a new job. My current job has wild hours and poor pay so I have been wearing only my glasses and my contacts have been sitting in the bathroom for um...over a year. They have been in the disinfecting solution. They are rigid permable lenses and I can see that they...
  2. General Chat
    I'm a SAHM living in North Idaho. I have two young boys ages 2 and 3. My husband and I are following Dave Ramsey's steps to Financial Peace and are currently debt free (except for the house) and are currently trying to save up our 6 month emergency fund. I'm trying to stretch a tight budget...
  3. General Chat
    Hi, all. I'm a longtime value-conscious-shopper who's just found this site. Looking forward to learning and sharing money-saving tips! --Scott
  4. General Chat
    I thought about this when I bumped this thread to the top of the heap. What are some of your favorite or most memorable threads here at Frugal Village? The one above is...
  5. Mid-Atlantic Pals
    Any interest in having a Mid-Atlantic Frugal Village Gathering 2012? Somewhere in the DC/ Baltimore corridor...... A picnic / potluck....
  6. General Chat
    I just wanted to thank all of you for changing my mindset, to being more frugal. The best example I have yet is from recently: I usually buy Lulu Lemon yoga pants that cost $98.00 CAD(They are good quality), since I am not able to afford them currently I found similar pants at Costco for...
  7. General Chat
    Hello everyone . I'm new here to Frugal village. I look forward to meeting some new friends.. Finding ways to cut back and get out of debt. i have lurked around some today. Its amazing how much a person can learn here. Theres so much info. here well heres a little about me. I'm a 33 yr old...
  8. General Chat
    Hello my name is Joe Aka Frugaljoe I am a 62 yr old retired Military guy on Social Security Disability living in Sunny San Diego CA. Great town but one of the most expensive in the good old USA. Hoping to meet other frugal people to share ideas how to make our money go as far as possible.
  9. General Chat
    Hi Everyone, I was on the internet tonight and came across Frugal Village. What an amazing site. I am seriously in awe of what's going on here and wanted to be a part of it, so I decided to join. I have a confession. Not only do I have a Ph.D. in Psychology, but also DUMB! The Ph.D. in DUMB...
  10. General Chat
    Hey there! Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Kim from LA - just joined today. I've set some goals when it somes to savings and I thought this would be a great place for encouragement and to hear about great ideas. Look forward to sharing any frugal ideas that come my way :) Kim
  11. General Chat
    Happy Easter and Passover to all. Have a blessed day. ❤¨*•♪♫•*❤*•.¸¸❤¸¸.•*❤*•♫♪•*¨❤ (\(\ ░░░░(\(\░░░░░(\(\░░░░░(\(\ ( -.-) ░░░( -.-)░░░░( -.-)░░░░( -.-) (,(")(") ░░(,(")(") ░░(,(")(") ░░(,(")(")
  12. General Chat
    Bills are getting paid off, people are getting jobs (sometimes offers for more than one!!), custody battles are getting won for the best interest of the kids, villagers report being optimistic about the new year. :congrats: to the villagers! I think its wonderful and very encouraging. I hope...
  13. Leisure & Media Arts
    Who plays & what's your favorite games? I love Jewel Quest, various Mahjongg games & Bookworm. Any game really stumping you? Never played? There is a game link at the top of the page. :whirly:
  14. General Chat
    I can't believe it--I just found out that I won the Bissell Steam and Sweep!!! I am so excited!!! I was just thinking yesterday as I entered some contest at the grocery store that I never win anything...Well I can't say that anymore!!! Thank you Sara for providing an informative and fun...
  15. General Chat
    How did you hear about frugal village? I wag googling for homemade hand dish washing soap receipe when I found Frugal Village What interests you here? I haven`t checked everything out, but I`m interested in frugality What will you contribute? Hopefully what I have learned from family, friends...
  16. General Chat
    Another "Newbie" here! I found FV while doing a Dave Ramsey search on the net. This looks like a great place to add to my favorites! I look forward to doing alot of reading, learning and maybe even a little posting. Thanks Craig
  17. Frugal Recipes, Leftovers, Budget Meals
    There are so many recipes posted here at Frugal Village and that's really exciting to me because I love to eat well and I love to save money! But I'm also more apt to try a new recipe if I see recommendations or reviews from others and perhaps even tips on what individuals did differently that...
  18. General Chat
    How did you hear about frugal village? I found a thread called "Words you love" through Google while looking up discombobulate. I quite liked the thread. Blackadder's "pericombobulation" is a prettier word though. What interests you here? The idea that a board this size can center itself on the...
  19. Find Your Kith
    DH has been watching too much "L.A. Ink" and now I'm thinking about tattoos. So I thought I'd bring up the subject. So, what is your opinion on tattoos? Like 'em? Loathe 'em? Do you have any? How many? And if so, can you post appropriate pictures of them?
1-19 of 235 Results