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  1. Discount Stores
    I actually found some good stuff at Walmart this week, lol. They have beach totes on sale for $1. I got a huge pink/yellow tote and then found some with different Rolling Stone magazine covers--I chose the Bono one for another $1. The pink tote will be my pool bag (which will last all year...
  2. Freebies - Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Enjoy!
  3. Coupons
    I have these rebate checks from Enfamil for numerous amounts. I have noticed that Walmart has their ready made Enfamil Lipil cans on clearance for 5.00. I had two 5.00 dollar rebate checks left so I tried to use them. The cashier rang everything up and deducted the 5.00 checks then noticed that...
  4. Freebies - bodycology Beauty Products
  5. General Chat
    Ok, i was at a Wal-Mart and i went to use there ATM to take out $200. But there was a problem and the machine gave me $115 all in $5! It stopped and the employee behind the counter came over to help she opened it up and looked inside the $5 cassette and said there was no more in there and then...
  6. General Chat
    As I am leaving Super Walmart today, at the main exit, I see a man standing with a sign... It say's, "I'm Broke... Please Help" A) In our town, it is not a common site.... B) People leaving Walmart, are either shopping there cause they have to.... or like to save every penny they can and hold...
  7. Freebies - Secret Clinical
  8. Freebies - Old Spice Body Wash and Gillette Body Wash
  9. Freebies - Dove Deodorant
  10. What did you get free?
    Did anyone else get a FREE $5 card from Wal-Mart in the mail this week? It wouldn't hurt my feelings if they sent one EVERY week!
  11. Discount Stores
    I had an unexpected surprise at Walmart last night. Apparently, sometime recently, this store has started accepting only one coupon of a kind. I don't use a lot of like coupons, but often have two, maybe three. Kroger will only double/triple one now, but at least they accept multiples. I don't...
  12. Discount Stores
    I am sure this depends on where you are, but in the Northern Illinois area my Walmart is starting to put in barbecues and plants (even though it's snowing at the moment!) and winter stuff is on clearance sale. I bought several shirts, long sleeved, but light weight enough for spring, anyway, for...
  13. Discount Stores
    I was at my local Walmart today and was shocked where there used to be 8 or 9 of some items from different companies there are now only 3 .They are trying to save on space,I was looking for Gillet men's body wash that is gone and not coming back ,some shampoo's are gone and not coming back...
  14. Freebies - Purina Pet Products
  15. Quilting
    Everytime I go to Walmart I ask, any news, are we going to lose our fabric? Yesterday, she said that Walmart got so many complaints from one area they put the fabric back into the store. The area had no other fabric stores. So, there is hope for our store!! I know it'll still be their bottom...
  16. Coupons
    I had mapped out my deals at Walmart with my coupons and decided to go after school with all four kids. BIG mistake! On the internet I found this deal on Lunchables which should have worked out to a .25 a piece. I decided to go for it since I couldn't make a lunch that cheap. The Lunchables...
  17. Discount Stores
    So, on Monday we went up north to visit DF's parents. They were raving about this new Super Walmart they put in down the block and how cheap they were. Seeing how his parents are naive about prices and knowing that I am a savvy shopper, Vic and I went to check it out. This is the first...
  18. General Chat
    Does Walmart match grocery store ads? If so can you also use coupons with the match? TIA
  19. Frugal Living
    I just came back from Wal-mart they had tons of their children's clothing on cheap priced clearance. More than half the girls department was clearance items. Shirts and pants for $1 Jeans for $7 Warm up suits for $5 and $7 Pajamas $3 I bought my daughter a velvet jumper for $3. It has a...
41-59 of 302 Results