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  1. Preparedness and Survival
    haha....3 months ago i could not get him on board for preparing for a natural disaster now he is coming up with all the questions....He is like me....not really believing anything major is going to happen but it doesnt hurt to prepare....thanks for your help....also how long would gas keep...
  2. General Chat
    totally unexpected from him....and i was like you mean the things you put in the tree to collect maple syrup....and he was like yeah....i was like yes yes excited...this is not something he is usually willing to try and do so i am very excited to see him want to give this a whirl.....
  3. General Chat
    Earlier today, I received a call from DS#3 who was in the next town over visiting his GF. She was driving and the stop light turned yellow so she began slowing down to stop in anticipation of the light turning red. The guy behind her must was not paying attention because he rear-ended them...
  4. Christmas
    What People Wanted For Christmas In 1975
  5. General Chat
    This is a little long, sorry. Last weekend, my BIL & his family went to a wedding out of town. They came back home on Sunday, briefly, before going out to dinner. They were gone about 45 minutes & when they returned home they found that someone had stolen t.v.s, a dvd player, all of my little...
  6. Secondhand Shopping
    an unworn pair of lands end khaki pants...for only $ i am off to the tailor to have the waist taken in and the pockets removed! yeah! i also got a really really cute flowy type white J Jill blouse...for $2.99!:shower:
  7. General Chat
    We had three places to go to today for the things on our shopping list. The local lumber/home improvement store, walmart, and the local farm and ranch store. The local lumber/home improvement store gave us a free smoke detector The local farm and home store passed out free bags of popcorn (...
  8. Home Decorating
    I love Ziploc bags but they are expensive and actually they don't even sell them where I live, but I have collected about 100 of them in a whole bunch of sizes. I wash them, dry them on the clothesline, and reuse them over and over. So far, I have not come up with a storage solution for them...
  9. General Chat
    Honest Opinions Please ~ Do you think it's right, wrong, or indifferent to sell for profit items that were obtained from a dumpster? TIA! :toothy:
  10. Food challenges
    The bank statements are in and.... we spent over $800 on groceries and dining out last month. For two people. :puke: The good news is I still have most of those groceries so I am challenging myself to 1. eat from the stockpile until Aug 15, and 2. spend no more than $40 a week on fresh...
  11. General Chat
    Unfriend a bunch of people on FB? I created a new FB page because I was tired of my family's fights. I didn't want to know or be part of the latest family feud. So my Sister sends me a bunch of her friends to friend, saying how nice they all are, but some of them are not very nice at all. In...
  12. Dave Ramsey
    Hello all my wife and i recently got married and soon after started the DR program. We have made some good headway paying off one cc and most of another one in about two months anyways i just wanted to see if our budget was reasonable Thanks for your help! $2840 take home pay 240 for tithing...
  13. General Chat
    I'm energized to be among the new members inside your group, and hopefully I'll uncover adequate time and energy to stick around.
  14. Frugal Living
    A beautiful sweater hoddie, that is what I saw a lady wearing Sunday at church. Casual and dressy at the same time. So versatile and beautiful that I instantly desired one. I could envision myself wearing it to dress up jeans and shirt for outings. I could envision myself slipping it on when it...
  15. General Chat
    Please someone come get this Murphy guy....I am so sick and tired of him already. He needs to leave and soon. Let's see, it was 2 weeks ago tomorrow, that I had the front brakes done on the truck. $ 260 total. Hubby kept telling me there was nothing wrong, but I knew better. Then had this...
  16. General Chat
    and I am praying for you guys. How are you both doing? (((Hugs)))
  17. Secondhand Shopping
    ~I mentioned in another thread here that I bought a sewing pattern on Ebay. It was listed as "from a smoke free home" but when it arrived it reeked of smoke. I complained to the seller and she refunded my money saying she'd actually bought the pattern at Goodwill. I'm happy she did the right...
  18. General Chat
    This site has been flying all over the net. Scary pretty much but has a ton of info wrong... I wish I had a house worth a million... lol It knows my dh's sign but no pics pull up but it has our home address and the right phone number.....gah... Searched it on my name and it came up the same...
  19. Sewing
    I am looking for small projects that could be made with scrap fabric. These are for a person in a wheel chair so machine sewing would be difficult, but luckily she is a great hand stitcher! Any ideas would be helpful...thanks lots!
1-19 of 181 Results