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  1. Green Living
    Looking at this picture I can only HOPE history doesn't repeat itself.........but it might give proof of global warming. :laugh: Got this in an email few days ago, and thought it was pretty cute! You have to click on the pic, so you can read the years.............
  2. General Chat
    well im here in WV. and its 14 outside -its the coldest we have ever had this time of the year and now they say we will be getting snow ---IM COLD-so wheres all the global warming they are telling us there is--no way its warm -its so cold outside i wont let the wolf out to stay just let her do...
  3. General Chat
    Do you believe in it? I was watching Armageddon week on the History Channel last night, specifically the show Last Days on Earth, and the experts all agreed that man made global warming is one of the most likely scenarios. I'll be honest, years ago, I thought this was media hype. But the more...
  4. Green Living Excerpt Interesting read - according to the chart therein, we're back to 1908 temperatures and on a downswing.
  5. Green Living
    This is a video that opposes the media-hype of "Global Warming". Very interesting... The science and explanations match up with what I was taught by the professor/head research scientist I studied under 5 or 6 years ago. (He was/is the one who leads the research teams up to get the core ice...
  6. General Chat
    Ok - so its no secret that there are two sides to this debate (both in the world and in this forum!). Personally, I don't believe in Global Warming - mainly because its a catch phrase/sound byte. Have you noticed its not "global warming" anymore, but climate change? That's because low and...
  7. News you can use
    Global warming inspires enterprising solutions The CO{-2}-busting industry is exploding as federal legislation to cap the emissions of utilities and other industries grows ... </img>
  8. Green Living
    I think all of us do these already, but mostly for frugal newbies, here's the list.
  9. Freebies Order NRDC "Unplug for Polar Bears" and "Turn Off Global Warming" stickers for chargers and light switches by emailing: [email protected] Be sure to give your mailing address and how many sets of stickers you need (each set contains six stickers, 3...
  10. Green Living
    I just did. Will you? :) ********** When the producers of An Inconvenient Truth first approached me with the concept for the film, I was skeptical. Could we really take a slideshow about the climate crisis and turn it into a compelling movie? Davis Guggenheim’s Oscar win for best documentary...
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  19. Freebies
    While watching One Life To Live on SOAPNET last night I saw this commercial for K-Y ®Brand Warming UltraGel. It said go to the website for your FREE trial :) Get your FREE sample of K-Y ®Brand Warming UltraGel now! K-Y® Brand Warming...
  20. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    We're having a housewarming/blessing party for my son's new house on the 21st. I'm trying to decide on what foods to serve. It will be in the middle of the afternoon- so I'm thinking just some Christmas cookies and drinks like cocoa, coffee and tea. Should I do more than that? Sandwiches...
1-20 of 22 Results