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  1. General Chat
    Ok guys- This is not for the faint-hearted and it's going to freak you out- but pay attention to what happens when you don't pay attention. Vidvir My father-in-law just sent it to me and I have to tell you that it sure scares the 'bejeezers' out of you... He says they were texting &...
  2. Preparedness and Survival
    Nope, not really. :thunder: But, it's coming soon. Every year for the past four, we've experienced a winter storm that knocked the power out. This year I intend to be completely prepared for everything. No rushing out to get something I've forgotten, no moving in with a friend who has power...
  3. Drugstore & Grocery Store Deals/Product Reviews
    See here: Tainted beef leads to grocery recalls - Yahoo! News Judi
  4. Pressure cooker
    after reading about fried chicken I did some research You CAN NOT fry chicken in a pressure cooker you have to use a pressure fryer it will ruin the seal and can explode.
  5. Just Tips
    Got this in a consumer affairs email today...... don't know if others have thought about this but thought I would post it............I wouldn't have thought of it. Before closing an acct. print out any records you might need. As posted in the letter: "Print out your statements. Rising fees...
  6. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    We had a charge, <$50 show up last month on our Amex bill...from World Bible Translation (something). We've never heard of them, and give our money to charities by check;we're disputing it. Check your bill! Judi
  7. Drugstore & Grocery Store Deals/Product Reviews
    Ordered a bike for DS's birthday online through (same company as Sears, they offer this too), took of advantage of the free 30 day trial of 'shipvantage'. This program gives you 'FREE' standard shipping on all items for 1 year, it'll cost you $79. I signed up for it, knowing I will be...
  8. General Chat
    I am on such an endorphine high right now... who knew that paying bills could give you such a rush??? :yikes: My car is paid in full.... all of March's bills have been paid, and we still have more money coming in next week. :cheer4: If I keep knocking them out at this rate, I think I may faint...
  9. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    Just wanted to draw folks' attention to a trend that I have noticed: myself and three of my friends, all banking with different institutions (BMO, Royal and TD Canada Trust), have called our banks for online banking, and while on line have been asked in really caring tones, "I notice your still...
  10. Relationships
    My MIl passed away this summer, she lived with my SIl, who neither my hubby nor or I particularly got along with, she's very difficult. We did not discuss, but looked up online, the status of their shared house- it was my MIL's years ago, at some point in recent years she sold it to my SIL for...
  11. Relationships
    Well I guess now I know the holidays are officially coming because MIL has started her manipulative games again. Here is the background: MIL has 3 sons. 2 barely speak to her and 1 ( My DH) does what he can, when ever possible. I have spent the first 25 years of married life being manipulated...
  12. Pets
    We recently bought Frontline Tick protection for our three cats. We have been buying it for years and recently found a place nearby that sold it for $13 less than what we were paying elsewhere for three doses. A few weeks ago, my husband went to treat the cats and was surprised that when he...
  13. General Chat
    My ds 25 was on his was last night to play some extreme frisbie game with some friends (don't really know how it is played). Anyway he was in a good mood and playing the music in his car. He is not disputing that it might have been a little loud. This is what has him quite a bit annoyed...
  14. General Chat
    I have it from reliable sources that Christmas has been scheduled for December 25, 2010. I thought everybody might like to know, so it doesn't sneak up on you... wouldn't want you to have to dip into your emergency fund for it or... GASP... break out the PLASTIC. We don't do that around here!
  15. General Chat
    I can't say I'm surprised by this but this is just a warning for the folks out there. Fake debt collectors want your very real money:bs:
  16. General Chat
    I checked the weather channel & in a red boxed area it said our area was now under a tropical storm warning. Earlier this morning the sun was out & not a cloud in the all of the sudden we are looking at black clouds coming off of the ocean and the winds have picked up a little...
  17. General Chat
    Just an FYI... In the past week I have gotten 3 emails, supposedly from Bank of America but it turns out they are just phishing emails. BofA does NOT ask for any information via email. Be careful.
  18. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    Just wanted to share what happened to me recently. I helped a friend pay her satellite bill with my credit/debit card back in November. I am not on the contract with her and she is not on my banking account. I don't know why, but she began disputing the bills they were sending her. So she...
1-19 of 108 Results