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  1. General Chat
    Wow. this movie is incredibly awesome! Our family watched this & it was an incredible reminder of how important it is for men to stand up and take their place as the spiritual leaders of their families and to cherish every moment that they can with their children and take...
  2. Frugal Living
    Oh my oh my! What a case! Gail Vaz Oxlade had me feeling like a 50 year old Princess! Talk about guilt! Motivated me to list a whole bunch of stuff online to sell. And to clean out my sewing room further. And to organize the sunroom a bit more. I'm trying to find things to do that will...
  3. Frugal Living
    2K of food for a negative balance put on a gift card? Seriously...who needs 93 bottles of hot sauce or 150 boxes of instant couscous mix in their stockpile just because? I get having stuff stored. But a lot this woman's stuff just seemed to be overkill. 600 packages of candy? I don't know...
  4. Leisure & Media Arts
    and it was awesome!!! it started out slow but was a wonderful cooking movie! Even DH liked it :) Highly reccomended!
  5. Dave Ramsey
    So, I realize this will sound like blasphemy to many of the villagers (cough, cough...Greebo) but I've never actually watched Dave Ramsey before. I DID read the TMMO a year or two ago and found some pieces of it interesting and relevant, but there were many things that just weren't my cup of...
  6. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    ~A message from a soldier has received over 11 million views. ~
  7. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    Did you?:ribbon:
  8. Leisure & Media Arts
    1940's house from PBS (rented from Netflix). It was great! It showed not only the historical aspect of the UK at war, but it also showed how the women sacrificed for not only the war, but for their families as well. Many women essentially became "single" moms and had to learn how to deal...
  9. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    last night and WOW....what an eye opener. I had the DVD requested thru the library for weeks and it finally came in yesterday. If you haven't watched this DVD...I highly recommend watching it. It is very, very interesting.
  10. Home Environment
    How clean is your house? Now I'm on a rampage cleaning! I don't understand how people can live like that!!!:confused:
  11. General Chat
    circus on t.v. The Paris Hilton saga. From the police coming to get her. escorted in handcuffs to the police car. To her traveling on the freeways. I guess there are pictures of her partying out by her pool and havubg her fravorite cupcakes delivered. We'll see what the judge does. He's not...
  12. Leisure & Media Arts
    it as pretty good, better then waiting for the libary. too many on the list above me. My friend borrowed it to me, i felt like it made sense, some of the things ai already do in my life. Some Im going to take in.
  13. Leisure & Media Arts
    ...during the day and by whom?
  14. Leisure & Media Arts
    And what did you think? I, unfortunately, did not see the first one, so I am kind of a little lost. When discussing all of this debt these families have, are they including mortgages? Because, if so, 160,000 in debt does not seem so unbelievably out of the ordinary, like they want the viewers...
  15. Freebies
  16. Leisure & Media Arts
    It's so sad to see people wandering the streets when they know their homes and all their possessions are lost.  One man I saw interviewed was wandering with two children, he lost his wife in the water. :( I hope all these people get the help they need.  The world thinks of the US as a strong...
  17. Leisure & Media Arts
    Dancing with the Stars. Rob and I watched it the last time it was on. He was making fun of me for watching the first hour, which was a repeat, and then, he was quiet during the second hour because he couldn't stop watching either! It was like a car accident! You couldn't look away! Anyone...
  18. Leisure & Media Arts
    Okay now...that was just WRONG. Anthony or Scott should have gone. I can't believe tonight's results, enough said:thud: I would have loved to hear Bo sing the song that Constantine sang. That would have been awesome. I think Bo is the one to win.
1-18 of 35 Results