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  1. Blog
    I was very happy work and school were canceled yesterday for the kids. I am thankful DH took a vacation day instead of waiting to see if his boss shut down the plant Thursday. As it turns out his office-mate made it in. They dismissed everyone at 1030 am. This is when it was really getting bad...
  2. Blog
    We have been committed to keeping ourselves and the little ones active. This means leaving the television or computer even on snowy or cold days. Sometimes we only manage to go out to the back yard to check on the bird feeder and the plants under the cloches. Most days we manage to at least walk...
  3. General Chat
    Sure looks like we are in for a night of bad weather. First round of rain and wind have passed. Had a lot of lightning. The sky remains an ominous green, and when I step outside, it is ABSOLUTELY still. Spooky still. We are under a tornado watch, and hope it goes no further. Nevertheless...
  4. Freebies
    Great PDF weather safety guides for children and adults. Coloring books for children. Examples
  5. General Chat
    it is cold here probably going to rain...but by next week it is gonna warm up. I am in eastern Ky. Poor Seattle is awful brrr keep warm except for maui who needs air conditioning lol
  6. Blog
    Repost: Cool weather reminds me of the things I need to do to get my home and family ready for the colder months ahead. Some simple preparation and prevention efforts now will save me money, hassle, and discomfort in the long run. Many of these items will cost some money up front, but they are...
  7. Question and Answer
    What is the weather like all year round? - Like in Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Tornados? Snow? Rain? Highest and Lowest temperature? Any help would be appreciated. :)
  8. General Chat
    If it's May, why am I still chilly? Why am I stil putting sheets on my tomatoes to protect from frost? It's been a crazy weather year..... again.... Any crazy weather in your neck of the woods?
  9. General Chat
    Thinking about all the posters in the bad weather zone. Let us know how you are doing when you get a chance Here is a map of where the bad weather has been for the past week it is included in the link below Twister debris searched; at least 280 dead - Weather -
  10. General Chat
    The winter looks like it wants to leave us this week.The temps are getting high enough to melt the snow.It seems the birds and even the critters(chipmunks)are back.What a nice feeling to see the sun and actually feeling warmth from it.Big difference from 2 weeks ago when I was out shovelling...
  11. General Chat
    We had 5-6 inches of snow. Very pretty outside, but I'm not a fan of snow. This is the view from our front door:
  12. General Chat
    Schools around here are shut down tomorrow.My daughter gets herself up she is 15. So she is all excited about sleeping in. It will be one of those lazy days of winter. To cold to even be outside by morning wind chill will be -25 below.
  13. General Chat
    Upstate NY, 40m W of Albany, it was 33º this morning :chill:. Fog has burned off the creek and it's cool and sunny with a slight breeze. Temperature right now is...52.3º. Beautiful baby, beautiful! :sun:
  14. Military Families
    With all of hubby's military and police gear, I am feeling as if we are being pushed out of our house! Hubby is NG and while they provided a storage locker in his armory, he doesn't feel comfortable leaving the items that he has signed for in his locker since it's a shared armory. In the...
  15. Homesteading and gardening
    We need some sunshine! It's been cold and rainy for the last two weeks. :rain: We have a bumper crop of strawberries that are all still green and are likely to go mouldy before they ripen. :grrr: This spring started out so promising. After a mild winter, everything was ahead by a month...
  16. Crockpot
    Does anyone have lighter recipes for the slow cooker that will work well with the warm weather we're starting to get? A lot of the recipes I have are a bit heavy (thick sauces, starchy, etc), but I'm still hoping to be able to use this timesaver! TIA!
  17. General Chat
    please be careful! It is 8 degrees here right now with HOWLING winds. They are calling for gusts up to 65 mph for us. We have snow drifts everywhere in the yard and it's drifting up onto our back porch. Ds went out a few minutes ago to check on his dog because it looked like she was drifted...
  18. General Chat,%20MD%20-%20Snow,%201-3%20inches...
  19. Homesteading and gardening
    We have a big snow storm coming our way this weekend. How do you prepare your homestead for a bad weather? We will bring the cows in the barn tomorrow night after milking. Glen said he will have the tractor ready with the plow on for doing the driveway and getting to the barns for the early...
  20. Coupons
    Has anyone here recently gotten a membership to BJs? My boyfriend and I were looking at the tires there and they've got the kind we want and at a good price (BFGoodrich tires). Right now if you get a membership they give you a sheet of coupons. The sheet just happens to have a for 50 dollar off...
1-20 of 179 Results