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  1. General Chat
    Is everyone still alive out there after all these weeks of deprivation? You have done so great! Guess what? Your favorite Great Uncle Joe has been feeling sorry for you and the family, struggling with the budget and the menu and all. Yesterday when you were visiting him at the nursing home...
  2. General Chat
    To all that are playing the $10 game ~ fantastic job! Let's kick things up a notch. Help out others who are running out of ideas. Put on those thinking caps- and let's go. The challenge: recipes that require only 2-3 ingredients, TOPS! (That is not 2-3 main ingredients and then spices...
  3. General Chat
    Yea for all of you that took the challenge and came up with some great ideas to make a bad situation liveable. Imagine that you and your family have been on this challenge for the past 6 weeks. And you really see no end in sight. You are looking at living like this for many more months to...
  4. Home and family challenges
    Aloha!! Has anyone else noticed that my skills are much better at starting the week with lists than the follow through? Well, I am not done with this yet and I am back at it again this week!! Week of April 22, 2012 Sunday...
  5. Dave Ramsey
    My husband changed jobs last Sept and now is paid salary. I am self employed and my pay can vary quite a bit. Is it best to start with a weekly budget vs a monthly budget? Also, I am locked in on my directv acct , how do I go about getting my bill lowered or out of contract? I believe it is for...
  6. Home and family challenges
    Easter Sunday - what a great way to start a new week!! I used the goodness of today to put various parts of my life in focus and am ready for Monday!! All I have left to do tonight is to color my hair. Monday: 1. Cut out blue dresses 2. Finish white blouses 3. Walgreens - check Easter sales...
  7. Money challenges
    The challenge is to find a new way to save money or make money to add to your debt payments. A month ago I decided to apply for a line of credit because those are usually lower then credit cards interest rates. I was approved at 8% compared to my Visa's 11%. So I transfered the ballance from...
  8. Home and family challenges
    Starting the second quarter of 2012!! Sunday: 1. Weekly menu planning 2. Weekly wardrobe 3. Clean out my car 4. Clean up sitting area of living room 5. Laundry 6. Organize working projects 7. Start sewing pa'u costumes 8. email accountant re taxes 9. pay bills Monday: 1. Send home progress...
  9. Home and family challenges
    Okay, I really need this to stay focused. 1. Register new printer 2. Get in touch w/ OM re: discount not taken on new printer 3. Check OM for sale on post it notes - need 17 for swap 4. Shop for groceries for Mousaka 5. Take sewing machine downstairs 6. Check progress reports 7. Print progress...
  10. Home and family challenges
    Today: One load of laundry Change out puppy pads Clean out back of truck Take pic of Angus' graduation Wash blankets on bed Write up grocery list for coming week Start mom's socks Wash bird cage towels Figure out how many push-ups/sit-ups I need to do to catch up Repack gym bag Email sister re...
  11. Home and family challenges
    Today: Do 100 situps Clean Kenya's cage Clean Froggy/Herbie's cage Hose off trays in spare cage One load of laundry Re-pack gym bag for coming week Water plants Add two new episodes to iPhone Put away clean socks Find sock pattern Start socks for Mom Prep back of truck for puppy transport
  12. Home and family challenges
    They are just slipping away, aren't they? Okay, week 10....BEGIN!!
  13. Home and family challenges
    Let the little jobs begin!! For me: Saturday: Put away dishes Put away clean laundry Take items to thrift store (on way out for Angus' training) Drop off dry-cleaning (on way out for Angus' training) Load of laundry Rinse out ice chest Return ice chest to truck Re-pack gym bag Pack second...
  14. Home and family challenges
    Well, week seven totally got away from me, so I am going to attempt to redeem myself this week! My competition is my spinal cord, which went south on me yesterday, and has me hobbling around and wishing I had a walker. The good news is that the waves of jaw-dropping pain hit me about every...
  15. Home and family challenges
    New week, new chores. You know what to do... ;)
  16. Home and family challenges
    Oops, getting this started late, so I'm already a dozen behind!
  17. Home and family challenges
    New week, new little annoying chores to complete!!
  18. Home and family challenges
    Starting this new thread on a dark and dreary winter morning here, so probably lot's of inside jobs on my plate today!!
  19. Home and family challenges
    Clean slate, waiting for all those niggly little chores to be written upon it, so you have the satisfaction of striking them off!!
  20. Home and family challenges
    Today: Put away all dishes Wash load of laundry Check at post office for missing package Hose off deck Damp mop bedroom floor Dice/freeze turkey Go through mail and toss junk Bring in more firewood Bring Vittle Vault upstairs Move sugar into vault Toss dead plants off deck Inventory Girl's meds...
1-20 of 245 Results