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  1. Family
    i just LOVE this picture!! doesn't he look soooo sweet!!:angel: he turned 8 weeks today!
  2. Family
    he turned 6 weeks yesterday and i took this picture. he is really getting big! i weighed him and he weighs around 12 lbs.!!;)
  3. Green Living
    As I was decluttering a dresser today, I was wondering just what we've done in the past few weeks to help our environment. - we purchased 75# of potatoes from a Hutterite colony, thus eliminating the plastic bags that most potatoes come in. - we recycled all our papers, cans and pop...
  4. Family
    he turned 4 weeks yesterday!:D doesn't seem like 4 weeks ago i gave birth! seems like only a week or so.;)
  5. Family
    ok, tomorrow i am 38 weeks and back to the dr. hopefully there has been progress! i think there has been...since i've been in some pain.;) boy today, i think i have been nesting!! i have been really going through my clothes, and the baby's clothes. (getting them all put where they need to be)...
  6. Health and beauty
    Did you see Dale, Jr., Tony Stewart and Jeff Gordon on the tv guide cover? I had to pick up the Dale, Jr. one. WOOHOO!
  7. Homesteading and gardening
    WOOHOO FREE, travel the Orgeon Trail on the pc it looks like its more for young people, but we don't have to say how old we are. ROFL, actually it says teachers in one area. I am going to explore the site more tonight. BTW you have to sign up by Jan. 10. Its a five...
  8. Leisure & Media Arts
    Anyone planning on seeing this one? I am! I plan to go Saturday to the matinee, by myself (my brother doesn't like Hugh Grant). I happen to LOVE Sandra Bullock and actually enjoy Hugh Grant as well. I am excited to see it! I will post tomorrow if I liked it!
  9. Education
    well today Myriah came home and said the ring leader was back at it teasing her, about the way she talks. so we called mummie and Daddy, *who happens to be the pastor of Dahs Family church.* My house is a mess and you guessed it, she and her mother just left here. she had to come tell myriah...
  10. Vacations and Travel
    ...will be in Charlotte for Veteran's Day weekend. Looking for ideas of what to see and do while there. Thanks!
  11. Hobbies
    I am making some things for dd, I found some very soft fabric and flannels at Wal-Mart and Joann's this weekend for 49c to 99c a yard. DD is much like me that she doesn't usually like tight PJs, so I am making some caftans for her. I do not sew very well but I can do this project.... I am also...
  12. Frugal Living
    It seems like all the companies are sending out their promotions at one time. In the past few days I've received my Tide Kick, GM T-Shirt, Sesame Street video, head and shoulders sample and lotion samples. What has been showing up on your doorstep?
  13. Secondhand Shopping
    Last week I found the newspaper recycling dumpster and dug out about $2500 in coupons. 30% are expired which I will send to the Army base in Germany Ive adopted. The rest Ive traded for expireds or sold in lots of 100 on Ebay successfully. Sunday my usual Curbside night was very slow. The...