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  1. News you can use
    Ben Stein: What, him worry? It's safe to say, without even fact checking, that Ben Stein is the only New York Times weekly economics columnist who has won seven Emmys as the host of a TV game show ("Win Ben Stein's Money"). He's the only personal-finance author (latest book: "Yes, You Can...
  2. Canadian Pals
    There are a couple things,depending on which party does. ~if it is one party, I'd ask how they were going to get rid of all the scandals and would they work at keeping scandals hush/hush or bring them forth (as they should) ~for all other parties, I'd be asking about health care There are...
  3. Family
    I have a big problem (ok..big to me lol)   We tried moving Jackson into a "big boy" bed before Jayme was born so he didn't feel like the baby came and just "took my bed and room from me" (she got his room and he got a "new" room that use to be the den...) He has nothing to do with a big boy...
  4. Pets
    ok ok i know EVERY one has heard me talking about my new puppy we are getting. Well, Long story short, breeder asked if we wanted two, yada yada yada. We now have Two dobie puppies!! they are sooo cute! We named them Laika and Karma. My digital isn't working now so I'l get pics on as soon as I...
  5. General Chat
    Whoo hoo! I've been pm'd for the first time and Bob'd all in the same day!!! Lucky me!:D
  6. Frugal Living
    WHat frugal things do you do.And what do you like about them or dislike?Any that you would rather not do? Here is what I do and like hang laundry wash dishes by hand make hm babyfood cut babywipes into 1/2 cook mostly from scratch yard sale/thrift store/damaged goods store hm gifts do it...
1-6 of 6 Results