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  1. General Chat
    For us it's beer brats w/ all the fixin' potato salad, cottage cheese & Bush's baked beans.I'm glad that there will be leftovers:)
  2. For Sale or Trade
    Last year I started a thread where people posted things they were looking for to buy as presents for Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa, etc. They were items that the people wouldn't mind buying second-hand or that someone else could make for them. Then, people responded saying "I have this and I'd...
  3. Homesteading and gardening
    I had a crazed day of cooking - pork roast w/ veggies in the slow cooker including zuc from a friend; zuc bread w/choc chips; poppy seed bread for a coworker's b-day Tuesday; canned some pickled beets; canned some Queen Anne's lace jelly - have yet to taste - I'll let you know. Just made two...
  4. General Chat
    Spin off of a thread for a woman's super secret savings account. A lot of us have change jars. What are your particular plans for yours? I have no idea what I'm going to do with mine.
  5. Christmas
    I thought it'd be a neat idea to share what we're planning on making, buying, doing for our men this holiday season... so far i'm making a blanket, some clothing (that includes winter gear), am thinking about special dessert cookies for each one... not yet sure about what i'll be buying. I...
  6. General Chat
    Oh my GOODNESS! Who sent me all this snow, it's BEAUTIFUL and coming down like crazy, I've got the sled, who wants to come play? Also have a few HUGE sledding hills, WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! We're expecting between 6-12 inches of the white stuff by the time it's all said and done!:cheer4...
  7. General Chat
    Today is the regional Pop Warner Cheer Off! So we'r headed with DD to the Sundome in Tampa! This is DD's last year her team has worked hard as all the teams have and we are looking forward to a fun filled day. Competion starts at 9 and goes til 4. Then we'll stop at Sonny's BBQ as a trat on the...
  8. Sewing
    ~I have some totes and washcloths cut out to sew and after that I'm making myself a beige tote/purse and then I'll be starting window quilts. How about you?~
  9. Frugal Living
    Good morning, fellow frugalistas! What are you going to do so save money today? Today I will/have/am/might: Pack a lunch for DD, using small containers for fruit vs snack packs Serving leftovers for supper Hanging laundry opposed to using dryer (maybe) Keeping thermostat at a steady comfor...
  10. Sewing
    ~I have 8 bags cut out ready to sew. After that I'm making totes for my sister. Then I'm working on window quilts for winter. Dull and practical! What are you sewing this month?~
  11. General Chat
    I've been fighting a migraine all day, along with the dizziness and nausea. So, I'm just laying around, in the dark today. What's everyone else doing?
  12. Frugal Friday
    I haven't done a thing yet. I need to: Shower and wash my hair Load the dishwasher Grocery shop Study for school Maybe work on laundry
  13. Simple Sunday
    Hi All Well hubby comes home from fishin sometime today. Hopefully he caught something. Other than that my foot is hurting really bad so I won't be doing much. 1. Two phone mystery shops 2. Laundry 3. Clean/pick up office/craft room 4. Drdop off items at goodwill 5. Craft 6. Get in a nap.
  14. Waste not Wednesday
    It's coooooollllddd here. Was 25 when we got up this morning and it's still pretty chilly. No rain or snow though. How's your weather? Today I've done about 6 loads of laundry (most of it thrifted clothing for me :D ) ~put away most of the clean laundry ~worked out ~shower/hair/makeup ~made...
  15. Lifestyle challenges
    In November I plan not to spend ANY money other then bills and gas for the car. Similar to what homesteadmamma HAD to do but I just want a challenge. Iam early posting this, but I want to keep my stockpile progress here. In the months leading up to November I will not increase my grocery budget...
  16. Waste not Wednesday
    Morning Villagers! I've been taking care of lots of little things that seem to pile up when you're too busy to take care of the details. Got lots and lots ticked off my list but still have several to go. I'm on hold with Valor Telecom right now.....gggrrhhhh:fpunch: but have other things to do...
  17. General Chat
    Started bright and early bringing the cows:cowwave: in and turning the mares out. This has become and interesting job around here as one of the steers doesn't seem to realize he's NOT a bull and that I'm the boss mama around here! Nothing like having to chuck rocks at a 1300 pound animal...
  18. General Chat
    I had to go get a dress for dd, she;s gonna be a flower girl tomorrow but her dress was ruined. DS1 is gonna be the ring bearer, but his outfit is all set and ready to wear. I tilled in the garden some (wrote about it at our sister site homestead Garden.) And I have been doing some basic...
  19. Kitchen Basics
    Breakfast for me: my usual bagel. Lunch: turkey sandwiches. Supper: leftovers (meatloaf)  or maybe something else if I feel better later.   What are you having today?
  20. General Chat
    Me? Not much. The kids had a play date so I took down the tree and Christmas decorations. DH wanted to wait till New Year, but since the kids weren't here, I had the time. I have done loads and loads of laundry. I have gotten dishes done, and the floor vacuumed. I went fabric shopping and got...
1-20 of 40 Results