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    Part of our homeschooling is trying to pass along our values. With the boys being little I try to keep it simple. Today the value was caring for others. In this case, the others were the birds of the back yard. I had the boys fill a small plastic cup with seeds and dried fruit. They pushed a...
  2. General Chat
    Well, here's the start to my day. I can hear the ravens outside, spreading the word to all their beaky friends about the buffet scattered around our yard by the bear who dumped three of our trash cans during the night. Guess it's time to get out the scoop shovel and clean up the mess.
  3. Freebies
    Color Brochures and Posters of NY Natural Resources - NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation This has PERFECT posters to print for wall art. I think I'm going to be making some framed art for my youngest room. :)
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    This is really cool! I think we sometimes forget the importance of being outside! We are all wrapped up in computers, TV, Video Games….or just too darn lazy! Grab this free Wildlife Activity Guide for Kids….and go outside, enjoy nature...
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    Get on the list by September 15th and your free 2010 wildlife calendar will be in your hands in just a few weeks. I didn't do this one, let us know if any problems
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    Send for your free wildlife fun book today. It's full of brilliant pictures, things to make and do, fantastic games and loads of info about birds and other wildlife. Find out about amazing wildlife, how to make a wildlife snapper, all about animal tracks, signs and poo and much more! All...
  7. Homesteading and gardening
    I just got back from a conference where I listened to a wildlife expert. He is an extension professor at our local university. I guess that qualifies him as an expert although DW is also one and sometimes I wonder about her. He said that only two methods are worthwhile, fencing and netting...
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  9. Freebies IMPORTANT: If you plan to visit Santa Cruz County in the next month please call our toll free number to order your free Birding and Wildlife Viewing Kit at 1.800.833.3494 for immediate delivery. Otherwise please expect to receive your free Birding...
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    Color Brochures and Posters of Wildlife in New York State You are welcome and encouraged to download these outstanding educational resources, originally published in the Conservationist, for your own use or for educating others. You are permitted to make copies as long as proper credit is given...
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    Listed in this section are all brochures and videos currently available from FWRI. Our free products include activities for kids, boating guides, environmental brochures, fishing guides, and more. To download or order brochures and videos available from the Fish and Wildlife Research Institute...
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1-18 of 18 Results