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  1. Quilting
    I have had this in my 'to do' pile for AGES........we are talking years here. My plan was to see how the pattern worked up.......then use 'the window' to put my garden pics in and make another one.......well, as they say......."the best laid plans". My new computer won't load the OLD photoshop...
  2. Make It Yourself
    BubbleWrap I am going to try this, this winter. I am currently using tote lids covered in foil for windows to block the heat, but I am not liking them so much now that I've been taking them up and down off the window. Going to try this for winter months for heat conservation. If anyone...
  3. General Chat
    We have been having MISERABLE weather here for at least a month. I cannot even remember the last dry day that we had. It feels like and looks like Fall except that the trees still have their leaves and the leaves haven't changed color. But it is enough to get a little down about. Yesterday...
  4. General Chat
    2:30 am, dd called us- some idiot shot through her patio window....the bullet ricocheted off the dining room ceiling & imbedded in the wall. She had been sleeping in the bedroom when she heard a man yelling, then the gun going off & hearing all of the glass shattering. The idiot lives in the...
  5. Just Tips
    REader's Digest. Here: 8 Clever Solutions for Cleaning Windows - Manage Your Life on Shine Judi
  6. Misc. desserts
    Stained Glass Window Cake Recipe DescriptionMakes 10-12 servings. Approximately 1 gram of carbohydrate per serving. Preparation Steps:My Mom's a diabetic. I made this for her birthday cake and she fell in love with jello all over again. Level of Difficulty:Easy...
  7. General Chat
    UGH I managed to misplace the receipt for the new windows we put in last summer. It makes a quite significant difference on taxes due to the credits. I put a call into the contractor hoping he can get me a copy. I have torn through everything looking! I can not believe this is not in my...
  8. Freebies It's from ADT, they give you a box to check if you want information and if they can call. I left them unchecked.
  9. Question and Answer
    I keep seeing the same ad over and over again from a local energy company that goes on and on about window film. Hopefully I am calling it the right thing, but it's the stuff that you put against a window and use a blow dryer to make a "seal". I am curious if this stuff actually works. The...
  10. Question and Answer
    Part of my attempt to live a simpler life is to make whatever I can (especially if it would save some $$). I just realized that I'm all of window cleaner. Could somebody tell me what I could use to make some up? Or is it cheaper to buy windex?
  11. General Chat
    How do you clean a plexiglass window? Would you use the same cleaners as on glass?
  12. Home Environment
    Okay, I know that some of you inventive & resourceful ladies here have made them & made them inexpensively. I would love to hear from you and how you went about doing it. I have a HUGE picture window in our den (60 inches high & 120 inches wide) and I desperately need something to hang in it...
  13. Utilities
    We have a large large window on the front of our house, facing the street. Currently it is not a big deal, we have a curtain and are 15 feet or so back from the road. This summer, however, our city is putting in sidewalks and widening the street so there will then be a sidewalk about 10 feet...
  14. Home Decorating
    I will have to link to my blog since I am at work and cant get to the pics but you can see it all there!
  15. Sewing
    A window draft blocker that will add charm to your house and decrease those heating bills.
  16. News you can use
    Smart window shopping To hear window salesmen tell it, replacing old single-pane windows with modern double-pane ones will cut your heating and cooling bills in half. Don't believe the hype.
  17. General Chat
    This has been the most expensive week. I am not one to normally stress or worry over spending a few dollars here or there. I am actually the spender in my family - love to shop, buy things for my kids, take my kids places, etc.... But I swear, I dont want to spend another dime this week. Last...
  18. Quilting
    I'm thinking about making myself some window quilts to block the draft a bit. Has anyone made or used them? Do you like them? Any good links?? I only have 6 windows to do, so it shouldn't be too bad.
  19. Quilting
    I saw somewhere here about window quilts but cant find it so here is my question in a new thread. Are the window quilts made so that you can raise them up to let in the sun. If they are not made this way how do you get them up to let the sun in? I was thinking of making these for my front...
  20. Christmas
    We're going to over spend this year... I know it. I just got a phone call from my brother. I like in AB Canada. He called from Mexico, he's been living there since June with his wife adopted daughter(6yo), they were to be there 1 month to complete the adoption of 3 children then go home to BC...
1-20 of 68 Results