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  1. General Chat
    I was just looking through the new Bed Bath and Beyond flyer and saw what seems to me a particularly pointless kitchen gadget: a banana slicer. Here's the thing on their website: Bananza™ Banana Slicer - Bed Bath & Beyond The flyer picture was better. It has 6 parallel blades, like a...
  2. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    It's me!!! Woohoo!! :cheer4: :cheer4:
  3. General Chat
  4. General Chat The Mahjong game is this one. Good luck!
  5. Kitchen Basics This recipe came from Kristine Snyder, Kihei, Hawaii, and was the $25,000 grand prize winner in the National Chicken Cooking Contest.
  6. General Chat
    A few weeks ago, Georgia's Fantasy Five almost reached $600,000.00 and there were two winners. One of my clients, his Mother, she won! She got approximately 1/4 of a million dollars. She paid off my client's house and his sister's house! What a nice Mom! I was so happy for her.
  7. General Chat
    Can you tell me about the city or anything? Anything you can tell me about Winner, SD would be greatly appreciated. If anyone is in that particular area feel free to PM me and tell me what you like or dont like about it.
  8. Freebies
  9. Leisure & Media Arts
    One of the most beautiful horses I have ever seen...he lasted a lot longer than most horses in his situation would have. His owners sound like very good people, and so do his fans. I know my mom was following this story and she is upset by the news...
  10. General Chat
    No joke! It's noone remotely related to me or even a close friend but I actually know someone who won the 123 million dollar mega millions! Isn't that amazing? The guy bought the ticket in the city we go into often but he grew up and graduated from school here. I'm thrilled for him and hope it...
  11. Home and family challenges
    ...Actually, I declare a tie! With regards to the amount of stuff leaving our homes, and after reading and rereading everyone's posts, I declare a tie between... FrugalFanny and Madhen!!! Congratulations, ladies! I'll be pm'ing you for your addresses. I think that we are all winners in this...
  12. Freebies
  13. Leisure & Media Arts Lotto winner comes forward, sort of NASHUA - The manager of the store that sold a jackpot-winning Tri-State Megabucks ticket said the winner came forward Saturday morning. Kelli Drew, manager of Captain’s Corner, said...
  14. Needle Arts
    frugalmommie Please private message me your email address.
  15. Kitchen Basics
    Michelle Annette! Everyone submitted fabulous recipes, yet the ones that seemed to best fit the needs of my family were submitted by Michelle Annette. I will actually be incorporating recipes from all entrants into my meal plans and will be posting all submitted recipes shortly. Thank you to...
  16. General Chat
    I asked your opion on the portraits yesterday....the winner was ... by a landslide vote .... :grwave: The Close-up...... AND :hurray: You were right...she chose the close-up, too! Thank you all for validating my intuition!
  17. Quilting
    I'm sorry I forgot to post this. The winner of the quilt blocks is: Carolyn (Dolphin). Congratulations Carolyn, your blocks will be in the mail next week. Enjoy them!! Thanks to the ladies who took part.
  18. Kitchen Basics I'm hoping to get some coupons for the duncan hines new signature cake mixes. They have an orange dreamsicle flavor I want to try. I've seen creamsicle cake recipes online, but they include a cake mix too.
1-18 of 31 Results