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  1. Leisure challenges
    Starting the new thread. What are the twenty things you most want to do in 2012? Join me in tracking your progress and see what you can do! My approach is to make the list, then break it down into a 'next action' for each wish, and put those next actions on a 'to do' list. Then schedule time...
  2. Leisure challenges
    Starting the new thread. What are the twenty things you most want to do in 2011? Join me in tracking your progress and see what you can do! I'll be making my list this week, to be posted Jan. 1st.
  3. Lifestyle challenges
    I can't remember where the Twenty Wishes thread is. Can someone direct me to it? I've looked in Goals and Dreams and Lifestyle and didn't see it. Thanks! Daylily
  4. Leisure challenges
    Is anyone up to a Twenty Wishes Challenge for 2010, where we post 20 things we'd like to do in 2010 and try to do them? This would be for fun and recreational things you'd like to learn or do. Or interests you'd like to explore. That sort of stuff. I started a Twenty Wishes thread a year or...
  5. General Chat
    :D Just wanted to thank everyone that wished me a Happy Birthday! You brought a smile to my face!
  6. Christmas
    My Daughter wanted a Christmas shirt. Especially one with "jewels" on it. Holiday clothing is one of those things I generally can't justify buying. But she has wanted one for a few years now. So I looked. Saw a Christmas tree shirt with "jewels" at the store. Couldn't talk myself into buying...
  7. General Chat
    Momma had to be rushed to the ER Saturday night. During the night her BP dropped to 64/33. They rushed her into surgery to put a stint into her kidney. Her BP continues to be low (but a little better than it had been). Doctors have told her to make sure she has her "affairs in order". She has...
  8. Goals and Dreams
    To recap, here's my list...then my update of what I've been doing... 1. Go on a houseboat vacation 2. Go to a creativity conference (know of a good one?) 3. Travel to Costa Rica (relatives live there) 4. Take dance lessons with DH 5. Go sea kayaking 6. Go on a hot air...
  9. General Chat
    My absolute #1 favorite cat has a uterine infection and is being spayed today. DH and I don't have children, but our cats are our "kids" to us. I know you shouldn't play favorites, but if a heart can live outside the body, then my heart resides in that fluffy black and white tuxie-cat. She...
  10. Goals and Dreams
    Have you got 20 wishes of things you'd like to do? Not things you should do, or need to do, but things you've always wanted to try and never had the chance/money/time/etc.? I have come up with 20 wishes to work on the next while (probably years! LOL)... Go on a houseboat vacation Go to a...
  11. General Chat
    I posted last week about interviewing for a new family. They didn't come to me, but I did an interview today and this family will be coming! They are accomodating that I want a couple days a month to attend school with dd4. They are accepting my rate with no question. As of this fall $700/mo...
  12. Christmas
    Sorry if I seem like a scrooge, but the high prices, crowds and the fact that the stores and media push the season to soon has taken it's toll on me this year. Anyone else feeling like this this year?
  13. Scrapbooking & Paper Crafts
    this looks like excellent videos for the newcomer to scrapbooking and maybe some new ideas for others.
  14. Support
    My MIL just left. She said she had been taking FIL to the dr. for some tests. They told them yesterday he is in the early stages of alzheimer's. He goes in for a cat scan Tues. to rule everything else out. He is just wants to make sure there isn't a tumor. The dr. said he is sure the cat scan...
  15. Support
    Dh was taken by ambulance to the hospital around noon today. He was having chest pains, irregular heart beats, and high bp. Monday I took him in for the same things and they kept him overnight and came home yesterday. Monday they said it was not a heart attack. I had to run home to take...
  16. Thanksgiving
    May you all have a blessed Thanksgiving!!!! My love and prayers are with you all. :grouphug: I'll see you late next week.:)
  17. Freebies Purchase a specially marked container of Folger's coffee, go to the link above, fill out a form and receive a free 10 minute calling card! :santa:
1-17 of 29 Results